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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Preparing for battle.

oh hey

sup lil man

oh jeez what
what are you
doing dude
no. stop that

you send out pansear

okay, I know you don't have a name or anything yet, but here's the deal, what we're going to do is-

you know what just do what you want. I don't even care anymore

Seedot used Growth!
AHA, the seed poke doesnt stop from getting taller.

you watch as Pansear begins to strike with Fury Swipes. you count in your head, expecting him to strike two to five times, as is normal. but the swipes keep coming.

as the swipe onslaught continues, Seedot takes note and starts up Bide.
however, Pansear immediately follows up with Flame Burst, knocking the poor Seedot out. the force of the attack sends it rolling off.

you gaze down at the Pansear, reveling in its victory.
you slowly nod. "sweet, bro," you say as you return Sweet Bro. that is his name now.

you carry on.

Official's Post

Before you can advance too far, there is a rustling noise all around you. The breeze picks up again. Suddenly a huge, white monstrosity leaps out from the bushes behind you. It runs toward the fainted Seedot. It picks it up in its arms and begins to shake it slightly. The Seedot is out cold and makes no response.

The thing which you have now identified as Shiftry turns slowly towards you. It glares. You brace yourself for an attack.

It turns back to its baby Seedot and begins to cry and howl in distress. Its usual fierce expression has been teary eyes and a sad, gaping frown of disbelief. You big meanie.

(Sorry Shiftry, you still look creepy. I mean look at those feet, what the heck?!)

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