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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Cobalt awoke in what looked like a hollowed out tree. he was tied in vines, which held his arms to his torso, and his feet together. After yelling for help in his paralyzed state a few hours earlier, the Weaville knocked him unconcious. This must be where they hold the slaves until they sell them. Cobalt stretched his stiff legs, which caused him to realize something. He could move! The berries must have worn off! But he was still stuck in the vines, unable to get out. After a few minutes, he had a flashback. From when he was a Ralts. His mother asked his father to make a fruit salad, with fruits from the numerous trees in the valley. Cobalt was playing with his father at the time, and didn't want to stop, so he made a game out of it. His father extended his blades from his elbows, and Cobalt would throw the fruit to him, which he would slice. It was one of the many happy memories he had with his family.
"Maybe I can do that?"
Cobalt thought to himself. he closed his eyes, and made the blades extend. Just as easy as raising an arm. The blades cut through the vines around his torso, and he then split those around his feet. Cautious as to the whereabouts of the slavers, Cobalt quietly walked over to the opening of the hollowed out tree, and looked for the Weaville, Zoroark and Absol. Zoroark and Absol were gone, but Weavile stood a few meters away from the opening, making sure nobody would take his pickings.

Remembering what happened in the fight with Absol, Cobalt decided against using Psychic. His only option was to fight hand-to-hand. He snuck up behind Weaville, and readied a fist. He punched Weavile in the back,
*Content Warning*
as he said "Surprise m**********r!".

Weaville fell to his knees, where Cobalt then punched him in the head, knocking him out.
"I was never this strong as a Kirlia." Cobalt thought as he smiled.
He ran past Weaville's unconcious body and through the trees. It was only now that Cobalt noticed he was in the swamp that he saw before he was knocked out.

After a hour of running, Cobalt finally stopped for a rest. He knew he had covered enough ground. He also learnt that he was alot faster as a Gallade. Maybe evolving wasn't such a bad thing after all! Cobalt sat down to catch his breath. Even though he had covered a fair bit of group, those pokemon were fast. He got up a few minutes later, and was about to keep moving until he heard voices. Cobalt moved through the trees to where the voices were coming from. There he found a Scyther, Mightyena, Two Furrets and a Pikachu. But the Mightyena interested Cobalt the most. It seemed to look familiar. Then he remembered where he saw it. Back home in the Valley. He didn't know her personally, but had seen her around.
Cobalt stepped out of the shadows of the trees into the open.
"Are you pokemon from the Valley?" He asked...

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