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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy looked up at Gladwing from his second berry. He blushed at being called "master" he didn't feel like he was that important. When Gladwing offered Sy to go with him he looked back down to think. Sy never really felt comfortable around strangers, but what choice did he have? He was lost, injured and had nowhere to go.

Sy whimpered, dropped his half-eaten berry and held his left shoulder as another pang of pain shot through it. Sy decided that going with this Scyther would probably be the best option. He doubted he would know anyone in this pack of pokemon, but maybe someone would be able to do something about the Riolu's injury. Sy certainly didn't want to stay in this filthy swamp any longer than he had to either. Having made his decision Sy stood up and nodded.

"O...okay, I'll go with you." he whispered.

Sy knew that Gladwing was right about this land not being safe, and there was safety in numbers, so the Riolu knew he was making the right decision. Atleast now he won't be lonely.

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