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Default Re: Corvus Town

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Back on the road!

"Pansage! Squirtle!" I called my two new friends out. "Welcome! I'm your new trainer!" I smiled.

"Hi there!" Pansage immediately hugged me.

"H-hello!" Squirtle awkwardly smiled.

"Now for your names...Pansage, you will be Sage. It makes sense really, for my other elemental monkeys. Tsuni Sage and Singe. All S sounds! As for you Squirtle...Your ability is Torrent, so let's name you Torrent!" I smiled.

"A-awesome!" Sage hugged me again.

"Th-thanks! I really do like it!" Torrent hugged me too.

It was time to get back to Route 24, and then to Route 9. We'll be heading west this time!

Leaving Corvus Town and entering Route 24.
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