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Oh, how boring! The sound dies down as you continue walking. But suddenly it starts getting breezy. You look up, but the clouds are drifting along at a leisurely pace... The leaves around you are rustling madly though. How strange! The wind picks up, howling its way fiercely through the trees. It tears wildly at your clothes. Suddenly something flies across the path. Is that...? Yes, another one... and another. Small pod-like Pokemon are being flung across the path in front of you.

Eventually the wind dies down again. You watch as the Seedot - for you can now see them clearly - scurry back across the path from where they came from. Despite their strange journey through the air they seem to be coo-ing happily.

One of them notices you and stops. "Seed? Seedot!" It calls, tilting its massive head-body to one side curiously.

Wild Seedot appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you wanna catch it!

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oh hey

sup lil man

oh jeez what
what are you
doing dude
no. stop that

you send out pansear

okay, I know you don't have a name or anything yet, but here's the deal, what we're going to do is-

you know what just do what you want. I don't even care anymore

Seedot used Growth!
AHA, the seed poke doesnt stop from getting taller.

you watch as Pansear begins to strike with Fury Swipes. you count in your head, expecting him to strike two to five times, as is normal. but the swipes keep coming.

as the swipe onslaught continues, Seedot takes note and starts up Bide.
however, Pansear immediately follows up with Flame Burst, knocking the poor Seedot out. the force of the attack sends it rolling off.

you gaze down at the Pansear, reveling in its victory.
you slowly nod. "sweet, bro," you say as you return Sweet Bro. that is his name now.

you carry on.

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