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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(...I'm not sure Kunai the Shellder is awake...In fact, I'm pretty sure she isn't, because she was in the PokeBall. Oh well! I Hope I did this right.)

Logan Falchino
Kunai the Shellder (Asleep), KatAna the Phanpy (Asleep, Stolen), Divebomb the Sunkern (Asleep)
Lady Luck's Catch.

The Hoppip moved slightly, internally debating the idea of assissting who was-to it-a random shmuck who it had no real need to help nor, most likely, ability to help. Then...

"Hop Hop?" It went, smiling, which was a patron of good news, as the thing began dancing around Logan, letting loose a green light, and more importantly, an incredibly fancy scent. He felt his body again, feeling being restored to every limb rendered immobile by Stun Spore. Aromatherapy-his luck was coming around in this whole ordeal.

He usually would thank his savior personally later, after the issue is resolved, but since he had literally no consious Pokemon, he had to convince the small thing into joining his team, quite permenantly, then use it's (most likely minimal) powers to force the Thief (who, thankfully, left visible tracks after all-thank you, mud!) into giving back his Pokemon. Hopefully via Stun Spore, for the sake of karma. However, Logan...Wasn't the most eloquent speaker ever...

"...OK, I'm not really good at speeches, but I really need your help. I had three...Partners, but two were taken away by this thief guy. He's probably going to be easy, but he won't be easy enough that I could have done it sleeping...Not like that was even possible, hehe..." He started, carefully choosing the word 'Partners' as to emphasize that he had a good relationship with them, even in the brief time they had. The Hoppip already felt as if it's work was done, and started to face the opposite direction and drift away...

"Waitwaitwaitwait!" Logan suddenly begged. The Hoppip turned to face him again, at least being polite enough to hear him through, apparently. "Literally, I do not want to go in there and murder my only chance to actually have a journey by losing the only partner I have left, and it's currently asleep...Literally, you're the only consious being capable of helping me right now, and I really, REALLY need your help!" Logan said, doing hopefully enough.

The Hoppip still turned and started to leave. Not good enough.

"Seriously? You're an awesome little fella!" Logan stated, which caused the Hoppip to turn around again, slightly blushing at the compliment but hiding it quickly. "I really don't need to hurt this guy, just, like, you know, Stun Spore him so I can take back my Partners! Please?"

The Hoppip put its tiny left hand as close as possible to it's forhead, considering the offer.

"Pleeeease?" Logan said, and not in the irritating way: More like the way to say 'I seriously owe you and will treat you very nicely.'

The Hoppip was still (kind of) rubbing its forehead, contemplating the decision to join Logan, even temporarily, in his quest to return his partners to him. It turned away, but didn't move, still rubbing it's tiny forehead...Then turned towards Logan and did a shrug, as best as a Hoppip could. It just kind of hovered there, blankly, not following Logan nor leaving him, just floating there...

Implying Logan had to get lucky at a capture, almost.

"...Uhh, are you sure?" Logan said. The Hoppip shook its head, implying that it's current stance of inaction was due to it's unsure status.

"...Umm, OK..." Logan said, taking out a spare PokeBall, then slowly letting his hand (with the PokeBall) approach the Hoppip calmly, giving it ample time to flee. It didn't, implying that, if it was sure of anything, it would be that luck would decide whether or not it helped. The button of the PokeBall hit the Hoppip and sucked it in, and Logan quickly put it on the ground.

...Back and forth...Back and forth...Back and forth...




Three times!

PING! Hoppip was captured!

Feeling pretty lucky, aren't ya?


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