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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Name: Cella Jones

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Description: Cella is 5’4” and is very thin, barely weighing 100 pounds. She’s often described as a porcelain doll; she has pale skin that never seems to tan regardless of how often she’s in the sun, has curly black hair that hangs just above her jawline, and has a very delicate air about her. She has dark green eyes that are rather striking in comparison to her complexion and compliments her hair nicely. Her appearance isn’t something she’s very happy with despite how the guys (and some girls) swoon over her; she looks the way she does thanks to a severe illness she had as an infant that has left her with lingering health issues, such as piercing migraines and acute asthma attacks.

Cella’s mother loved dressing her up in frilly dresses when she was younger, but such girly attire never became something Cella liked. These days she prefers jeans and a plain t-shirt over dresses and frills. She doesn’t have a preference when it comes to color or style, caring more about how comfortable something is. Her shoes are the same way, being a random assortment of tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and the odd pair of dress shoes for special circumstances.

Cella has a thin golden bracelet she received from her great-grandmother a few months before the old woman passed away. There is an obsidian charm hanging from it, in the shape of a circle with an X inside it. Thanks to the stories she was told about it over the years, Cella sees it as little more than a silly religious symbol that happens to have been given to her by one of the people she most loved. If it hadn’t come from her great- grandmother, she probably would have sold it by now. As it is, the only times she takes it off is when she’s bathing or sleeping.

Personality: Cella is one of those quiet people who is very to-the-point when she decides to give her opinion on something. She normally holds her silence unless directly spoken to, not being one for attention. She doesn’t sugar-coat things or beat around the bush, instead being direct with as few words as possible. It’s rare for her to speak more than a few sentences at a time.

Don’t believe her to be anti-social just because she doesn’t talk much, though. She enjoys being in the company of friends and family, and though she doesn’t speak much, she laughs easily. Being alone is a pet peeve of hers, which is one reason she’s roommates with several other people. She likes seeing the happiness of other people, while avoiding drawing too much attention to herself. In fact, she likes seeing other people being happy so much she’ll go out of her way to make it happen. Random gifts, unexpected hugs, postcards and letters sent just to tell someone hello, giving a homeless person money for food…Cella does all of it and more to get a smile. Ironically, she finds it difficult to accept acts of generosity from others.

Cella is fiercely loyal to the people she loves but is very slow to trust new people. This is mainly due to the fact that her mother dated several abusive men during the first eleven years of Cella’s life, and in three cases they had to run away for fear of being severely injured or killed. She’s not very strong thanks to her petite physique and the health issues she has, but she’ll still do what she can to protect people she cares about.

History: Cella had about as ordinary life as any other average American, save for the abusive boyfriends of her mother for several years. The only exciting things to happen to her that didn’t involve running for her life were the times she went to visit her great-grandmother Adelaide in Germany, where the older woman was born and raised. Every trip to Adelaide’s little house would bring new stories, though they often left Cella terrified.

Adelaide told tales of a terrible creature known as Der Großmann, who was very tall and thin, clad in a black suit with a red tie, and possessing a white head with no face to speak of. He was said to tower over mortal men, with limbs like tree branches and the ability to grow other appendages from his back. He would come after people, usually children, and steal them away for unknown reasons, leaving no trace of the unlucky victim behind. Adelaide even recounted a few stories where she’d run into the being a few times as a girl, explaining in very great detail the paralyzing combination of terror and awe she had felt during the encounters.

Eventually the visits to Adelaide grew fewer and fewer, until Cella was only going to see her once or twice a year. This continued up until Cella turned seventeen, at which point Adelaide began to call Cella and write her letters. The old woman seemed to want to spend more time with her great-granddaughter, so Cella and her mother made the effort to see her in person more often. During Cella’s last visit, she was given the bracelet she now wears, and though she thought it rather odd (the charm was what Adelaide had often called Der Großmann’s symbol), Cella cherished the gift. Sadly, Adelaide ended up dying a few months later from what the autopsy revealed to be a heart attack. Cella and her mother were devastated by the news, though Cella also felt a bit uneasy. After all, Adelaide had been acting rather peculiar during the last few visits, as though she was resigned to death but at the same time fearful of it.

Cella never really got over the death of Adelaide, eventually going to see a grief counselor three times a week to help deal with her unstable emotions. After nearly a year of visits and a few months of personal leave from work to sort everything off, Cella came to terms with her great-grandmother’s death and was able to move on. Still, she could never quite get over the feeling that something was…off…about the woman’s passing.

About seven months after her nineteenth birthday, Cella traveled to Germany on her own to visit Adelaide’s grave. She was sitting on the ground staring at the tombstone when suddenly a sense of crushing dread came over her. The panic triggered a particularly violent asthma attack, which ended with Cella blacking out. When she woke up she found herself in a burned-out car in some fog-covered town. Terrified that she’d been kidnapped for some twisted freak’s entertainment, the young woman set out to find her way back home.

Additional Information: Cella has a smartphone that still partially functions. It can’t receive calls or go online, but she can still send texts to people if they have a phone of their own, and the games/apps on it still work (including the flashlight app). Oddly enough, the battery never seems to lose any power, a fact that leaves Cella wondering just what the heck is going on.
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