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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

I'm fine. Kotomi responded to Aiden right before Kiseki spoke to the Original outside the house.

“Finn?” Kiseki asked, the shock and confusion clearly on his face now. “What are you doing here?”

“Did something happen?” Ichiru added.

"I know Katherine killed Abigail." Finn growled as he gazed at the group. Caroline took a step forward out of the house to try and place a gentle hand on Finn's arm so she could calm the Original down, but Finn suddenly took Caroline by the neck and used his speed to pin her up against a tree which was planted about fifteen feet away.

"Caroline!" Diana yelled as she tried to run out of the house but Damon held her back by the waist, though Kotomi and Ashley quickly stood to their feet and ran outside with the rest of the group.

"It's all of your guy's fault that Abigail is dead! You're the ones who brought Katherine back!" Finn shouted, taking his hand and shoving it into Caroline's chest as she let out a cry in pain.

"No!" Ashley screamed, the Vampire running forward.

"If anyone takes another step forward I will rip her heart out!" Finn threatened and grabbed a hold of Caroline's heart, yanking it a couple inches as she gasped. Her skin began to slowly turn grey with the dark grey veins slithering across, bringing the group to stop moving.

"We're on the same side Finn." Kol tried to reason with his older brother.

"Katherine killed Abigail, so why should any of them live? They're responsible for her death since they brought back Katherine, so they all deserve to die." Finn hissed, yanking at Caroline's heart again as she fell unconscious, the Vampire barely alive at this point.

"Please Finn." Kotomi begged as she took a few steps forward. The toddlers ran down the stairs after hearing shouts coming from outside, their eyes widening at what they saw.

"Auntie Caroline!" Scarlet screamed as both toddlers ran forward, only to be stopped by both Ashley and Isobel.

"Listen to me Finn." Kotomi said in a steady voice, slowly walking over to the Original.

"I said don't come closer." Finn growled, though he didn't make any other actions as Kotomi continued to walk towards him.

"Kol is right about us being on the same side. We already agreed that we're going to kill Katherine, so we can all work together and find her. Let us help you find her." Kotomi spoke softly, placing a hand on Finn's arm. The two stared at each other for a few long moments, Finn's rage dying down as he placed Caroline's heart back where it was supposed to be and let her unconscious body fall to the ground, where her skin went back to normal and gasped for air as her eyes snapped open. Kol studied both Finn's and Kotomi's auras, seeing that the darkness in Finn's was transferring into Kotomi's.

"Damn it Kotomi." Kol growled, though he didn't move since he knew this was the only way Caroline was going to get out of this situation alive.

"Fine... we'll work together." Finn finally responded, the darkness in his aura completely gone as he used his speed to disappear. Kol was at Kotomi's side like a bullet as the rest of the group surrounded them, Damon finally letting go of Diana as Lexi helped Caroline to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Stefan asked Caroline as she nodded, though her shirt was stained with her own blood. Eyes fell on Kotomi then, who looked down towards the ground with an emotionless expression on her face, darkness swirling around in her aura.

"Kotomi..." Kol whispered as he stood in front of the Vampire and tilted her chin up to lock eyes with her, only to see emptiness in them. She suddenly pushed Kol into the tree from the sudden rage and took off into the woods, the Original falling to the ground and cursing. "Damon, Aiden, I'm gonna need your help." Kol said, standing up and following Kotomi. Damon nodded, running after the Original as Caroline took a deep breath.

"Should we follow?" The blonde asked.

"You aren't going anywhere." Isobel argued as she pointed to the house. "What happened to your body scared the hell out of us. Go inside and rest. Aiden, Kol and Damon will bring back Kotomi." Caroline nodded, walking inside with the group following after muttering why she always seemed to be the target.

Kol and Damon ran side by side through the woods which would be completely dark within the next few minutes, the two Vampires catching up with Kotomi. Kol wrapped his arms around the younger Vampire's waist and pulled her against his body as he stopped running, Kotomi struggling against his grip but he was able to restrain her.

"Let me go!" Kotomi growled in pure rage, experiencing the rage Finn had as her eyes turned a blood red.

"You need to calm your little butt down!" Damon said as he stood in front of Kotomi, taking her wrists into his hands and pinned them to her sides while Kol continued to press her up against his body.

"I can't even compel her to calm down because of the Vervain." Kol growled as Kotomi kicked Damon hard in the leg, bringing the Vampire to curse in pain as he took a step back.

"I've never seen her like this before." Damon said in concern as Kol suddenly used his speed to pin Kotomi against a tree, pressing his body into hers so she couldn't move.

"She took the darkness from an Original Vampire, so that emotion will heighten about ten times more than normal." Kol explained.

"How can we help her then?" Damon asked in concern, fear washing over his features.

"There's only one way I can think of right now." Kol responded as he glanced over to Damon, then back to Kotomi. "Sorry love." Kol suddenly elbowed Kotomi right in the left temple, the blow causing her to fall unconscious immediately.

"How the hell was that supposed to help her?" Damon hissed as Kol caught Kotomi's unconscious body and cradled her into his arms.

"Well she stopped, didn't she?" Kol said, receiving a glare from Damon. The young Original ignored it however, looking down at Kotomi. "There was something wrong with her before... like she had a headache or something."

"Vampires don't get headaches though." Damon said as the glare slowly left his features and was replaced by concern.

"Exactly, which is why I think something is wrong." Kol responded without looking up at Damon. Worry clearly clouded Kol's eyes as he looked down at Kotomi, and Damon instantly noticed the look Kol was giving the younger Vampire. He knew that look far too well, because that was the look someone in love would look at the other person they were in love with. "We have to figure out what's wrong with Kotomi and help her..."
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