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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 24

Battle time!

"Hmph! Alright, Typhlosion Eruption!" I cried. Typhlosion listened. The scorching magma erupted.

It hit Kangaskhan. I expected it to knock her out instantly. However it appeared as she took little damage. "Sucker Punch that sucker!" The thief commanded. It hit spot on...Typhlosion also took a decent amount of damage.

"Lava Plume!!" I desperately yelled. The explosion of lava looked like it did some damage to Kangaskhan. An intense fire burned over Kangaskhan. She was burned! Now her attack was halved! This was our chance...

"Inferno!" I shouted. Typhlosion prepared quickly...and then a massive column of fire reigned over the thief and Kangaskhan! The Pokeballs were safe, however. The thief was downed, as well as his Pokemon, and I took thsi opportunity to flee.
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