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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 24


Well I quit

"I AM SO DONE TRYING TO BE NICE." I shout. I call Volcano out. He wonders where he is.

"Wha? You?!" I thought you hated me..." He frowned, holding back tears.

"No, it was Foongus' Rage Powder! I regret everything I said..." I began to sob.

"I-I'm sorry too!" We hugged.

I release him. "This is no time to have a lovey moment. Some thief just stole the rest of my Mons!" I shout. We run after the thief. He stopped a short distance up the road. Bad idea.

"You!" I pointed at him. "Gimme back my Pokemon! What's the matter with people like you? Taking other's Pokemon? Despicable!" I angrily scold him.

"Save your words. These Pokemon are mine now!" He laughed. He pulled out a strange device. "What?! Not EVd or IVd?! These things stink!" He frowned. "Maybe I can sell 'em for a good price then..."

"How dare you!!" I shouted back, preparing for battle.
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