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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 24

"Well...So be it." I smiled. Foongus walked away.I picked up the Great Ball and the Net Ball. (It was actually a pretty hard decision to want to catch Foongus...There are like 5 other Pokemon here I want and two a week is neva enough xD)

Maybe some less dramatic encounters could happen. I was really looking forward to anything good...items, Pokemon, people, whatever this Route could throw at me. However, I've had my dose of bad/dramatic close calls for this week...Typhlosion was still gone, almost killed by a Amoongus, rejected by a Foongus...I was worn out.

I wanted to look for Volcano, but I was too weak. Blaze made sure I was well rested and Hydro watched the camp. Courage went to find food and water. I was still mad at Foongus for this...causing Typhlosion to leave me and then ditching me. Whatever, no need for a Pokemon of that nature. I have enough problems right now...

The next morning I was back to full strength. Hydro was up early and packed up everything but the tent, so after I woke up they did that for me as well. Luckily Eclipse was nocturnal and located Volcano while he was sleeping. He returned it to the Pokeball and brought him back. I wasn't ready to face Volcano yet, so I left him in his Pokeball. We were all packed up, so I continued on the journey. It's be about 8 hours until we reached Corvus.
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