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Default Re: Does pop culture deserve serious study?

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
I disagree. When an artist starts to get a large fanbase, they will eventually be pressured to change their style in order to please their audience, or they will lose fans because they do not change their style at all. Overall, it is a turd sandwich in which an artist will have to change eventually. With the change comes varying opinions about what is good. Now, you say Green Day was never good. I disagree. I think they were good around their beginning.
But surely, one of the reasons that they actually started gaining fans was because of their style. If they change their style they could possibly become more popular or less popular. This sort of thinking should be discussed in classes all around the world, I think that it will surely change the way human kind act; for the better or worse, I don't know.
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