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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: The Angry Foongus Family

I dash towards where I thought Volcano went off too. While in a major hurry o find him, I trip over the little shroom. "O-owww..." I sit up holding my knee. "Ick! You?!" I cried out.

"Foon Fooon!! Foon foon gus!" he angrily shouted.

He apparently couldn't talk yet, or wouldn't. Amoongus stepped in. "Howe could you leave my little baby Foongus for that Vespiquen to devour?! You will pay for your lack of sympathy!" The mother Amoongus shouted as she shot a toxic waste directly at me. She had used Toxic.

I was hit with the disgusting liquid. "Awgh..." I was poisoned. I could feel the energy slowly being sapped.

"Now take this!" Stun Spore gathered around me as she yelled.

"...Ugh...awgh..." I couldn't move. This was it for me...

"I'll finish you with Venoshock and Giga Drain combo! YAH!" She sapped my energy while taking advantage of my poisoning.

"This is it...It's all over..." I slowly faded in and out of consciousness. Amoongus had left me for dead. Foongus had stayed for some reason. I released my Pokemon. "Sorry is it for me...Go...go find someone else to be with..." I finally collapsed.

I woke in my tent at night, feeling a lot better. "H-Huh? I thought I was a goner..."

"I carried you back and the rest of us set up camp." Blaze smiled.

"Awgh..I don't remember much, it's all really foggy...Where's Volcano?" I asked, dazed.

"We have no clue. Eclipse and Statica went looking. What happened anyways?" Hydro questioned.

"A Foongus used Rage Powder and we fought and we decided to part was a huge mistake." I sighed.

"You mean this Foongus? He wouldn't leave your side." Blaze grabbed the little mushroom.

"Ack! Don't hurt me!" I squealed.

"Hurt you? It's just a little mushroom! It's cute! It's been standing by your side all night." Hydro laughed.

"Foon Foongus! I F-Foongus." He stuttered, still not fluent in English.

"Why did you hit us with Rage Powder?" I solemnly asked him.

"It was no for y-you...W-was meant Vespiquen. She fighting Combee so I used to away. T-The wind blew it to you I sorry." He frowned. It was pretty hard to understand him, but I managed to get the point.

"Oh I see..." I frowned.

"Urm I can come you with you? I help you Volcano find..." He whispered shyly.

"You wanna be my Pokemon after all of this?" I looked up.

"Y-yes if you okay with me..." He frowned.

"Well, okay." I smiled.

"Okay, I go with you if you can catch!" He laughed.

I chucked a Great Ball at him. The ball waggled back and forth...
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You feel good about whats going to happen so you toss the ball. As the ball lands it starts shaking.

It shakes around for a bit but pops open.

After the ball falls the little Foongus pauses.
"I think I made a mistake..I can hear my family out there, they may still need me." ( I dont like talking So in my mind it was this.."Foo Foo Foongus !")

The little Foongus changes its mind and takes off out of the tent. You rush out to find it.

Foongus left you a parting gift

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