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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 24

Volcano decided to come out of his Pokeball.

"Hmph." I frowned at him, ignoring him for what he did.

"C'mon, why are you doing this? It was YOUR fault anyways. You wouldn't help that poor Foongus." He yelled at me.

"Sometimes you've to let nature take it's course. Foongus would've been crushed if I saved it and it really wanted to come with me and I wouldn't take it. It probably got away anyways and it's fine." I folded my arms.

"Whatever. You're very immature for not helping it just because you didn't want it." He folded his arms.

"How dare you! I-I didn't want to emotionally crush it! Foongus are part Poison types, which would help against the grass type Pokemon and Vespiquen!" I furiously shouted.

"Yeah right. You didn't want it and THAT's why you didn't help it. That's despicable. Some trainer you are. Maybe we should part ways then, no use in being with a terrible trainer!" He stopped.

"H-Huh?! You wanna leave me now for one little incident?! FINE! Here's your Pokeball, give it to a 'GOOD trainer' then." I threw his Pokeball at him with force. He aught it and started walking the other way.

"Hmph. F-Fine. W-who needs him..." I began to tear up, not realizing what I've done.

We were so mad for no reason it was just...wait. Rage out of no where...? Where've I heard that before...I had a flashback.

'A common Pokemon not far from New Bark can learn a cool move called Rage Powder. It's name is Butterfree. A Pokemon named Hoppip can also learn this, and they are found closer to Violet. This move attracts rage towards people and Pokemon alike, attracting them to fight one another to take away attention from the user.'

"Wa-Waah! It was Rage Powder!! That used Rage Powder on us! It was a bad Foongus after all!" I realized. "V-Volcano come back!" I dashed to him. I couldn't find him...

He was gone.
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