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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The Mienfoo glared at the boy who had just called her a 'thing' with insult. The other boy was quick to notice that, but only stood there, with a smirk on his face. He had his arms crossed and stood back with a straight back. He didn't look particularly athletic but who knew what he was capable of. As far as things went, the Mienfoo didn't like this guy so far, but soon her look of insult changed to that of amusement when she saw what was coming behind him.

"That 'thing', is Dojo." He replied. "I wouldn't insult her like that."

From behind Lee, there was a heavy crash as something hard met the even harder ground. It was no more than a foot away from him, standing over him, and casting a shadow over his face.

The massive Feraligatr made up for what the boy did not have in muscle. He growled a low, threatening growl as he showed off just the tips of his fangs. The eyes of the blue Pokemon stared right down into Lee's, almost as if he was trying to burn holes through his very soul. There wasn't any space for Lee to run, as the aquatic behemoth was standing between him, and anyone else for that matter, and the door.

"I'm also that guy's owner." The boy clarified. "That's Riptide, and we don't call him that for no reason. He also doesn't like it when you upset his buddies, and well, you kinda did just that."

Riptide affirmed what his trainer was saying by growling just a bit louder for a moment, lifting the point of his nose up as he did so. He flexed his claws from an open, to closed fist, just waiting for the right moment and the command to do something.

"Now, Lee is a pretty common name... does it come with a last one or am I gonna have to get ol' Rippy here to escort you out?"

Lee Thatcher gets 2 points.
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