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Default Re: Members VS Staff [v2]

I am VERY interested in this. But I have never played Silent Hill. Would I be able to do it, if I read up on the monsters as they appear? thanks

Name: Isaac Reed
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Description: Isaac is short, but well built and muscular, due to him working as a mechanic. He has short blonde hair, and green eyes. Tattooed on his back are lyrics to a song which holds sentimental value to him, and he usually wears a white singlet, black hoodie and dark blue jeans. When he works, he wears blue overalls over this. His hands are worn and scarred from work.
Personality: Isaac is a calm man, who tries his best to keep his cool. When being yelled at, he will remain calm, and make his points (Which are usually correct) clear. He isn't the smartest person when it comes maths, science etc, but has good common sense, and will see the little things that others fail to notice. He is polite, but when driven to a point of rage, he will not hold back. However it usually takes a fair bit of pestering to get to this point.
History: Isaac grew up in LA with his mother. His father left to fight in the war when Isaac was 2. He died fighting this war when Isaac was 7. Isaac went through highschool with average marks, and went to university, where he studied to be a mechanic. This is where he met Kayla, who was studying Law at the time. They started dating, and when they graduated 2 years later, they moved to New York and found jobs there. They have been living there since. Isaac planned on proposing to Kayla, but was taken to Silent hill instead. The last thing he remembers is waiting at an empty Subway Station, since his car was in the process of being repaired.
Additional Information: Isaac has his phone, a tradies nokia which is essentially indestructable, and has great battery life. He also has in his overalls pocket his spanner, hammer, and a handgun with 8 bullets on the inside pocket. He has another 2 full clips, totalling at 24 bullets. He has the handgun on him due to people stealing cars from the garage he works at. He knows it is illegal for him to carry it on public property, but the past few days, he hasn't felt safe...

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