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Default Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)


There is a place called Silent Hill, where unspeakable things have happened in the past. Where monsters roam the streets, and where reality is twisted into another dimension altogether. It is a place where nightmares dwell and hope is non-existent. It is a place lost souls end up, trapped in a purgatory of ash and darkness.

But there is something even more terrifying lurking in the town than there used to be. A creature of myth and terror, he goes by many names. The White King, Der Ritter, The Tall Man, The Faceless One, The Operator, Slenderman. A tall being wearing a black suit, a red tie, and with an empty white slate for a face. Those who are hunted by him know only fear before their death, those who are chosen by him become his faithful slaves. He rules over a realm known as The Path of Black Leaves, which has recently lead him into the cursed boundaries of Silent Hill. There, he stalks the lost ones, always watching…

You wake up in Silent Hill, unable to remember how you got here. What you do in the course of your “visit” will determine your fate. Will you find salvation and escape, or will you find death? Or perhaps, you may give in and simply join the man that haunts your mind…


1) Follow the ToS (Terms of Service, those things you agreed to when you joined the forum)

2) No bunnying other characters unless given permission by their player (Slenderman’s character, by default, is capable of minor bunnying)

3) No god-moding (Again, by default, Slenderman’s character has god-mode active as a default)

4) Keep cursing to a minimum, please.

5) If you want to get into heavy petting or whatever, do it over PM, not in the main RP. As a rule, if it’s more than kissing or hugging, it belongs in a PM or a private RP thread separate from the main one.

6) Please try to be relatively active (post three or so times a week, at least). If a character is inactive for more than a week with no prior notice, I’ll send a PM to the character’s player. If there is no response within five days, Slenderman either gets to kill the character or turn them into a Proxy for the sake of preventing the RP from dying due to inactive members.

7) Literate posts please; no chat speak, one liners, or posts full of emoticons or smilies.

8) If you have an issue with another player or any specific outcomes, please contact either me or Zolar about it, rather than posting in the RP or here.

9) Try to keep OOC content in the RP to a minimum; if you’re discussing ideas or want clarification on something or whatever, please make use of the discussion thread (aka here) or PM the other members.


1) Slenderman’s domain is known as the Path of Black Leaves, and only he and his Proxies can travel there at will. Characters that get taken there may have a chance at escaping back to Silent Hill or even back to the Real World, though in almost all cases characters will remain in the Path of Black Leaves until they are brought back by Slenderman or a Proxy.

2) Proxies are people who have been completely broken, emotionally and mentally, and are now servants to Slenderman. They carry out his will in the Real World, such as taunting victims or taking them to the Path. They do this in Silent Hill as well, but they are more dangerous and numerous than when in the Real World.

3) SH monsters exist as normal. Monsters from all the games as well as the movie are fair game here.

4) Slenderman mostly moves around in the Fog World, appearing much less often when the Otherworld forms. He will still appear occasionally and is much stronger while the Otherworld has formed, but in most cases he will leave the stronger monsters that roam the Otherworld to terrorize his victim. Depending on what he has planned for anyone specifically, he might step in to prevent someone from being outright killed, but otherwise will not interfere with the actions of the monsters (this applies to the Fog World as well). Also, the effects of Slender Syndrome are stronger while the Otherworld has formed (Slender Syndrome is explained below).

5) In cases where characters are “taken” (abducted into the Path of Black Leaves, either by Slenderman himself or a Proxy), a private RP can be done between the character, NPC Proxies, and Slenderman, if so desired. Because time passes differently in SH as opposed to the Path of Black Leaves (for the sake of this RP, at least), a character can be in the Path for weeks, but upon returning to the Fog World find less than an hour has passed. This will help prevent any weird time conflicts and also means members don’t actually have to wait a week before returning to the main RP. There is no time/post limit a taken character has to wait before being able to return; if your character is taken, your next post can have them returning regardless of how long it’s been since your last post or how many times others have posted.

6) If you decide you want your character to become a Proxy (see the Possible Outcomes section below), work out the various details with Zolar (who is playing Slenderman for this). You can also talk to him in regards of deciding when your character is taken, how long they’re gone for, how often Slenderman approaches them, and so on and so forth. Keep in mind that most of this will be random to keep the RP from getting stale and planned and Zolar has the right to refuse setting things up with you if he wants to.

7) Slenderman is pretty much indestructible in this, unless someone happens to escape Silent Hill and find information on stopping him…With that in mind, be aware that his character can bunny to a small extent (saying he grabs someone’s arm or something along those lines), and that pretty much nothing can be done to hurt him.

8) Slenderman, like the monsters of SH, will cause electronic devices like radios, phones, and camcorders to emit static when he is nearby, but only when they are turned on.

9) Slenderman’s presence causes intense fear in those near him (except for Proxies). It can be a good way of knowing when to run…or a good way of being frozen from terror and unable to flee…

Slender Syndrome:

Those who spend too much time in Slenderman’s presence or in the Path will begin to suffer from what is known as Slender Syndrome. These are various effects on a person’s body that range from mild to intense depending on how much time one has spent around Slenderman or in his domain. The less time one has spent around him, the less severe the symptoms, and the more time one has spent around him the more severe the symptoms become. Here is a list of the symptoms (note that they don’t have to develop in this order or even at all; it’s a sort of case-by-case thing, as different people react in different ways).

Headaches ; dizziness/vertigo ; nosebleeds ; coughing fits ; coughing up blood ; paranoia ; insomnia ; memory loss (occurs almost 100% of the time after being taken, with the victim being unable to remember anything about the time they were in the Path) ; blacking out ; nightmares featuring Slenderman (as he has the power to manipulate dreams) ; and obsession with the Operator Symbol (a circle with an X through it; this obsession usually manifests in drawing the symbol over and over again on any available surface with any available material, including blood if nothing else).

Slender Syndrome generally begins to manifest within a day or two of being in Slenderman’s presence or of returning from the Path for the first time, and usually starts with coughing fits. Again, this may or not apply to individual characters, who can decide everything about the Syndrome from when it starts to how quickly it escalates.

Goal of the RP:

There are different end goals for the RP, depending on what you want your character’s ultimate fate to be. If you want to escape Silent Hill, your efforts should be put towards finding out how you were brought there in the first place. If you want to become a Proxy and help kill/recruit the other characters, you should focus on trying to encounter Slenderman/other Proxies as much as possible. If you want your character to suffer some horrid fate too dark to speak of, work towards making it happen. There’s no right or wrong way to do things in this RP.

Possible Outcomes For Characters:

There are a number of different things that can happen to your characters over the course of the RP, but most of them will culminate in one of three outcomes; the character’s death, becoming a Proxy, or escaping Silent Hill. There’s a possible 4th outcome, but that one’s going to be kept secret for now and revealed privately to people should the need arise in the RP. Each outcome has its own pros and cons, which are listed below.

1) Character Death
a) Ability to bring another character into the RP who will have a better chance at resisting the influence of Slenderman and his Proxies (less fearful, less prone to madness)
b) Better chance of new characters to resisting being taken, or if taken, better chance at escaping Slenderman’s domain before normally being returned
c) New characters suffers less from the effects of Slender Syndrome
d) New characters are less likely to become Proxies

a) Because of being less afraid, new characters are more likely to attack Slenderman/Proxies instead of running, which may result in injuries or attempts at being taken
b) New characters are less aware of when Slenderman is around thanks to the dulled effects of his presence
c) All progress of the previous character is lost, and they cannot be “reborn” through the new character. Once a character is dead, they are dead for good.

2) Becoming a Proxy
a) No longer hunted by Slenderman
b) No longer affected by Slender Syndrome
c) Most monsters of Silent Hill will no longer attack a Proxy, save very strong ones or ones that have the most base animal instincts
d) More resistant to physical injuries
e) Increased strength and stamina
f) The ability to travel to Slenderman’s domain and, from there, into the Real World

a) When the Proxy mindset takes over, the character will be unable to remember what they did during those timeframes
b) Unless of a very strong will, Proxies will be unable to ignore Slenderman’s commands when under the Proxy mindset
c) Most Proxies cannot control when their Proxy mindset takes over, though it typically will not happen when in the presence of those who don’t know the Proxy is working with Slenderman (generally, a Proxy and Slenderman will work in advance to determine when the mindset is active, though as long as it’s not too often, players can decide when to activate the mindset on their own)
d) Proxies tend to be emotionally unstable thanks to their minds being broken in the process of becoming a Proxy. Those who have a higher will can usually hide their emotional instability

3) Escaping Silent Hill
a) Ability to research Slenderman and his Proxies in order to learn ways of hurting them, killing them, or even just keeping them at bay
b) Ability to return to Silent Hill in order to put any information learned to use
c) Slenderman will not come after those who return to the Real World unless/until all other active characters are dead or have become Proxies
d) Option to not return to Silent Hill and instead opt to apply any learned information to the Real World as a means of protection

a) increased chances of paranoia from dealing with Slenderman/Proxies/Silent Hill’s monsters
b) Slenderman will not himself travel to the Real World to hunt characters who escape, but will send many Proxies to stop the character (either by killing them or bringing them back to Silent Hill)
c) If a character returns to Silent Hill, they will immediately become Slenderman’s highest-priority target, even if the character didn’t learn anything that could be used against him while back in the Real World
d) Somewhat more susceptible to the effects of Slenderman’s presence and Slender Syndrome upon returning to Silent Hill, whether done willingly or by force
e) Characters returning to Silent Hill have a slightly higher risk of being turned into Proxies thanks to being more vulnerable to Slender Syndrome

Sign Ups:

Additional Information:

For Personality and History, please make them at least two paragraphs long. A picture can be used for Description, but be sure to give a text description as well (pictures don't depict things like height very well). Additional Information is for random information you want to share, like if your character is good with guns or took karate or things like that.


If you want to read up on the Slenderman mythos or become more familiar with the world of SH, here are a few links to check out.

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