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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Back to traveling

The Combee appeared to have pasted. I had fallen asleep in that bush, so I was now waking up, my back hurt something fierce from being twisted on a hard branch. I wasn't on speaking terms with Volcano from his recent betrayal, so I decided I'd accompany myself. I went back to traveling Route 24, hoping things would settle down and go smoothly from there.

The light breeze was wafting a delightful oceanic aroma, I was hoping this would keep the Pokemon calm and not attacking one another (or attack me). Some Lotad were playing in a small pond nearby, and some Spearow flying over the trees. A Yanma zoomed by and a Tropius could be seen eating leaves a few yards away. I heard the cry of a Kangaskhan in a distance and a few Foongus playing in a field. That apparently was all the Pokemon on the Route, together in harmony. None were interested in me though, so I figured I'd hopefully come across one I'd wanna catch and then travel with it since my other Pokemon were being jerks.

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Suddenly Eclipse's Pokeball starts to vibrate... Is your Honchkrow really that angry?!

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