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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Name: Zetsu
Currently: Half Asleep

Zetsu looks over, and sees a Nincada suckling on the sap drooling from the tree, then thinks for a moment, still a little groggy from his rough night's sleep..

"Guess the bug will come in handy at some point.." he thought to himself, pulling out his pokeball.

"Come on out, Gallade! Use Psychic!"

A Psychic force picks up Nincada and throws it against the tree, and although it got injured, it still managed to get to it's feet without any trouble.

"this pokemon's stonger than i thought." He said to himself, readying for Nincada's retaliation.

Nincada started dancing around strangely, as if in a trance....

"Hmm must be swords dance" He said to Gallade, thinking of his nxt move.

"Alright, Gallade, Leaf Blade!"

Gallade charged at Nincada, his arms turning into glowing razor sharp leaves, and slashing away at Nincada, it was begining to feel the fatigue build up now.

Nincada threw some sand at gallade, the dust getting into his eyes..

"damn, Sand attack?" Zetsu grunted, thinking of one last attack to wear it down enough for capture..

"Alright, try a Night Slash!"

Gallade dissappeared in a thick black mist, and charged towards Nincada, although the attack just barely hit, aGallade stopping afterwards and still rubbing his eyes...

"alright, hopefully this is enough....Pokeball, Go!"
Official's Post

The Pokeball hits Nincada and pulls the bug in!

PING! Critical Capture!

Nincada was caught! Nincada was sent to your PC.
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