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You lay there for awhile trying your hardest to move. Your calls seem to go no where. The young man you saved seems to be unconscious. What options do you have at this point. You scream more until you realize that is pointless.

A cold breeze comes along you feel it on your face. Next you can see the shadow of something moving across the land. You cant turn your head to see what it is so you call out again. The shadow floats closer and closer and finally stops above you.

"Hoppip ?"

The create floats around you checking you out. When it feels safe it lands near your head.

Maybe there is something Hoppip can do ?
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His yells were worthless. The Young man was unconsious after the Stun Spore. He wasn't sure what happened to Glomm, but apparently the measly freaking rock was enough to KO it, if the silence was any indication.

Then, he saw it. Another Shadow, this one much smaller. It approached on the breeze of the wind, slowly and simply. Finally, he could see it. It had two ferns on it's otherwise Pink Body, and was floating on the gentle breeze. "Hoppip?" it went, then proceeding to look around Logan. Deeming him harmless, it landed near his head.

"...Please...Help me...Stun Spore...Paralyzed...Help me..." Logan said, somewhat unable to move his throat properly thanks to the Stun Spore.

It wasn't likely, but perhaps the Hoppip knew a move to fix Logan's body...Hopefully. He could then proceed to use Kunai and the muddy ground to track down the thief. It was a longshot, but it was better than nothing.
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