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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(I'm kind of suffering from a head cold, so excuse the blandness.)

Logan Falchino
Kunai the Shellder, KatAna the Phanpy, Divebomb the Seedot
OK, time for action.

Logan's words were apparently as effective as a tackle on Giratina herself.

OK, time for some more serious action, Logan decided, as the yelling wasn't working. Fortunately, a different idea than what he previously was going to go for sprang to mind: He could quickly climb a tree and hope the Vileplume would come under, aiming to grab the boy. If THAT failed (or it took too long), then he'd get in close, blessing Arceus for his huge height (6-foot-5) and his long arms that were definately capable of grabbing the trainer. However, the safer method would come first. He climbed up a tree, as fast as he could (wincing when a stub where a medium-sized branch once was cut him when he changed his grip), and soon he was high enough to hope to grab the boy, staying in the general area the Vileplume was rioting in order to do so. It wasn't going too far from him, that much, Logan was certian.

He waited, but not for too long, for the opportunity to grab the boy and hopefully fix the mess.
Official's Post

Because of your size you get a lucky break as you are able to reach the boy. With one quick move you pull him out and bring him down to safety. The young man seems very confused as you put him against the tree.

As you two climb down from the tree you pause as the Vileplume finally stops raging. The warren out Vileplume seems very exhausted and starts to stumble around. You move close to try to calm it down but it seems get more upset so you take a set back. When you think everything is finally okay a strange man jumps out of the forest. The man throws a rock at Vileplume who explodes into a stun spore. You have no place to run as the wave hits you. You drop down to the ground unable to move, helpless against him.

The man who had got out of the way comes out.

"well, well, well it must be my lucky day ! "

The man walks up to you reaching in your pokeket taking out two pokeballs, Phanpys and Seedots.

"Why thanks for this kid.." He smiles and runs off into the forest.

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