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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
OK, Dredd, 2 things.

A), where are all my PMs going?! I sent one to you a small time ago, and I haven't gotten back a reply...

B), and this was a bit overdue, but...I checked how many posts I had on the combined Red/Blue threads with the post count...Thingy. As it turns out, I may have forgotten quite a few posts of mine...It says 640 on my TC right now, and it's supposed to be 708, taking into account the posts in Blue and Red combined. That's 68 points I should have...Is this something I should edit into my posts now, or am I stuck with the lower amount because I was stupid? Won't argue with whatever you've got.

Also, good to have you back, Emoon.
a) i posted about that in GCEA when I said. I have lost my home computer and will try to respond here at work once i get enough time. I owe TDL a response as well.

b) Feel free to adjust the number, just try to keep track of your points better. Also I should be able to look through your records and add up to what you have. So please make sure everything you got or spent is on that record.

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