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*When Etymology is back up and running he can take over again, but its been 10 days so im going to move this along.*

You try to make the situation better, but you are at a disadvantage. Your words seem to fall on deaf ears as Vileplume hasn't responded to anything you've said. Vileplume is in pain and the longer the two are stuck the worse its getting. You are going to have to do something drastic and soon. You already thought about ways to get him out, but how ? climb a tree and hope to get him from above ? or are you going to risk getting close to the scared pokemon and try to pull the trainer out while trying to keep Vileplume down ?
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OK, time for action.

Logan's words were apparently as effective as a tackle on Giratina herself.

OK, time for some more serious action, Logan decided, as the yelling wasn't working. Fortunately, a different idea than what he previously was going to go for sprang to mind: He could quickly climb a tree and hope the Vileplume would come under, aiming to grab the boy. If THAT failed (or it took too long), then he'd get in close, blessing Arceus for his huge height (6-foot-5) and his long arms that were definately capable of grabbing the trainer. However, the safer method would come first. He climbed up a tree, as fast as he could (wincing when a stub where a medium-sized branch once was cut him when he changed his grip), and soon he was high enough to hope to grab the boy, staying in the general area the Vileplume was rioting in order to do so. It wasn't going too far from him, that much, Logan was certian.

He waited, but not for too long, for the opportunity to grab the boy and hopefully fix the mess.
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