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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Combee?!

"OKAY NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL BETRAYAL." I shout at my Pokemon inside their Pokeballs. "Okay Corey, last time you lost a battle like this you ended up back in Zenith...all that time wasted. So let's not screw this up..."

With no Pokemon to help me I had to think fast. I felt like I was picking my poison: Fight them or escape.

"Alright I'm boned. I can't think of anything...No Pokemon to help me." I whispered to myself as the Combee closed in. I threw two Pokeball toys in two different directions to confuse them, then ran onto a diverging path. I took another toy, my last one, and thew it onto the other path to make them think I was on that path. I his in a bush and began stealth mode.
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