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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

GENETIC ENGINEERING: Time to see if our Yao Ming is ready!
When the old man is finally standing outside his yard, go fetch your Slugma. In fact, throw the rest of them into boxes. Walk up to him, save NOW.

Take the egg, and bike downwards until you reach the top white line that runs through Mauville. If you go left-right, you should be able to go from the beach to that city on the left in one shot without stopping. Continue doing so on the Mach Bike until you randomly see more eggs being spawned, and max out at 5, obviously.

After awhile, your eggs should start to hatch. I recommend that you find out the Max stat of the species youíre looking at for level 5 ahead of time. (eg: Skarmís max HP at Lv 5 is 22, and thatís only for IVs of 30 or 31). If youíve got 5 eggs hatching round the same time, good for you. I hate you. If any of them have the good IV that you planned passing? YOU WIN! If not, soft reset (A+B+Start+Select) and retake the free egg. Remember IVs are set when you take the egg, not when they are generated.

Now that youíve got 1 IV down. How about another? This is where it gets trickier. Take both parents out of the daycare, stick them back to their respective places. If you have a Ditto with the right personality and a different IV that you want maxed (eg: 31HP Impish would be great to go along with your 31Def skarm), you are a winner. Your odds are great, and I wish youíd die.

Stick the Everstone on this Ditto of great nature, stick the offspring from the first pairing and the Ditto with the stone into the daycare, and repeat the damn hatching process.

Going by odds, you should get a Skarm with 2 perfect IVs and the right nature somewhere in your next 66 tries or so. Remember, the nature is pre-determined at eggís generation, so if your first egg is NOT the right personality, donít bother soft-resetting, it wonít help. Instead, tell him to stuff the egg up hisÖ nose and wait for the next one.

Of course, all this work only nets you pokemon with 2 perfect IVs. What if you wanted more? Well, thereís really no reliable way to get better IVs in the other stats. Pray for a better die roll, perhaps. As well, if you can get 2 sets of pokemon with 2 perfect IV eachÖ Like if I bred out 2 Skarms, one with 31HP, 31Def and 1 with 31HP, 31Atk of opposite genders, with the female being impish, I can increase my odds dramatically. But consequently, youíre still spending a lot more time on breeding one pokemon, and you need 6. The time cost to you will be huge, so itís up to you to decide if you are happy with the 2 max IVs.

Breed like hell. This will hurt.
Save before the you take the first egg. Slugma should be in your party.
Mach bike between East of Mauville and West to Verdanturf, hatching up to sayÖ 5 eggs (the most your party can carry with Sluggy.)
If none of them are satisfying, AND the first egg is of the right nature, soft reset the game and try again. Else, just release all the babies and wait for the next batch to hatch.

For pokemon that have 2 abilities (Such as Diglett), abilities are also determined at the generation of the egg. If your egg comes out with Sand veil, kill the Diglett, donít soft reset. Just look for another egg instead.

================================================== ====================


Well, to sum it all up: Breeding sucks, and not just the female pokemon either. Itís tedius, boring, and can drive you to sleep. And unlike the GSC radio tower trick, you HAVE to be present at the gba/sp to hatch eggs. Youíd learn to love your brother, if you have one. Just make sure you donít overpay. Haggle for all itís worth!

If youíre breeding for species, itís easy. Yawn.

Breeding for attacks? It gets a bit more difficult, as you have to find chains to do so. Not bad still, all you need is an egg.

Breeding for nature? Emerald makes it so easy! Everstone will be your saviour and you will love it until you die.

Breeding stats? Would you like some arsenic to numb the pain? Itís a long and difficult journey, with a high % chance of failure. (Similar to trying to win a girlís heart, for example) But hey, if you presist, you will get there. And thereís no better feeling in the world when you do. Unless you get the girl, that might be a bit better than having a 31-31-31-31-31-31 Pokemon. But only barely.

Whatever your path, I wish you the best in breeding both in pokemon and real life. Unless youíre stupid, then maybe you should stick to poke-breeding. Clean out the gene pool, you know.

This is the cynically pessimist mlugia, signing out.

================================================== ====================

Here are some great sites that I believe will help an aspiring breeder succeed. Take note!
Smogon, home to the best competitive pokemon building in my opinion. They have a strategy for all the RSE pokemon, so you can see how the pros do it before you start building.
MetalKidís Pokemon Program. This is by far the best standalone program Iíve ever found. Planning a party? It comes with a pokedex, attacklist, breeding-chains (OMG SO USEFUL), moveset suggestions (albeit outdated), and even the option to save pokemon-data of yours for easier tracking. Recommended if you donít suck. As much as it pains me to say this, SPP does have decent information on breeding and such, and is worth a look should Metalkid fail. Just donít take moveset suggestions from them. I mean, diving Ludicolo?
Gamefaqs. Home of theÖ massive guides. They donít suck, but theyíre not great either. But there are a lot of nice people there?
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