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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]


Chip, Poppy and Torin
Furret twins and shiny Pikachu
the group in the swamp

Chip watched as Poppy and Torin descended from the huge tree he was standing beside. They had climbed up to get a look at their position. The group had been traveling through the heavy fog for so long that it was difficult to get any kind of bearing. The massive tree had provided a vantage point. Bringing his gaze back down to earth, Chip noticed that Nightfang was still watching the haze uneasily. He really could not blame her. Even though he could see better than most of the others, the mist dampened everything else. Sounds were muffled and the smell of stagnant water was everywhere making it difficult to scent anything that might be in the area. A call from Poppy made him look up again.

“We could see the end of the fog!” she said, leaping off a thick root at the base of the tree. “Believe it or not, this grey soup actually ends. We might even reach the end of it by nightfall.” She trotted up to her brother, smiling. Despite being the same age, Poppy was smaller than the other Furret. But, that had never bothered her.

Torin followed and the shiny Pikachu quickly confirmed what she said. “The fog does end. But it’s impossible to see if the swamp actually ends there too. The soggy ground might go right up to the mountains.” Now that they were back on the damp ground, condensation was building on his fur again. A small spark leapt from the Pikachu’s dark red cheek making him roll his eyes. “And truthfully, I’ll be happy just to get out of this mist.”

This made the small Furret giggle. “Me too! Definitely! So what do we do next?” she asked, looking around.

“Well,” Chip said, “whatever it is, we need to decide quick. Are we moving on?”

Torin looked around at the injuries that still remained untreated properly. Most of the Pokemon needed rest, but they needed proper care as well. Embyr and Bladestrike were in both in particularly bad shape. Glancing around the small area he could actually see, there were plenty of plants. Unfortunately, most were of no use for what he needed or had roots that were caked with rancid mud he had no real way of cleaning off. Others growing close to the ground were caught in puddles of decaying leaves that caused the small plants to rot.

“I vote moving on. There’s nothing for me to use here.” Torin’s cheeks sparked again and he gave a irritated growl. “Ugh! And the sooner the better!”

Poppy was not so sure leaving the swamp sooner would be better for her. Her mood had been improving. All the worries that were tugging at the back of her mind seemed to have lessened and she had not had a bad dream since entering the swamp. Strangely, it was as if the mist dampened her troubles as well as everything else. Still, she could not say that the group should stay there when things would clearly be better for everyone else. While she was thinking though, the Furret did remember something else. She leaned closer to her brother whispering quietly to keep from alarming any of the others.

“Y’know, we saw something else. A really big Pokemon was flying over the fog. It went toward the mountains.”

Chip looked a little concerned. “Are you sure?”

His sister nodded then smiled. “It’s okay though. He looked like he was really happy. I don’t think he was bad or anything.”

A bit confused by this, the Furret let his concern fade at Poppy’s sincere smile. While her instincts had been acting odd recently, they were fairly accurate. From what she said, the Pokemon they saw was most likely a dragon type. But if Poppy believed it was not a danger, he believed her. He would just have be a little wary when they made it closer to the mountains.

Torin meanwhile had been looking around. “Hey, where did that new kid, Gladewing, get to?”
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