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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Breeding the Charizard/Tyranitar example as above. My Charizard knows: Attract, Scary Face, Frustration and Rage. My Tyranitar knows Rock slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast and Rock Smash.
The Charmander offspring starts with Scratch, Growl at Level 5. Rock slide is on Charmander’s breeding list, so it’s added on. Scary Face is a level up move for Charmander, and both parents know it, thus it’s added on. So now, it looks like this:
Scratch, Growl, Rock Slide, Scary Face.
Fire blast is a TM that Charmander can learn, so it inherits. By doing so, it bumps the first attack off the map:
Growl, Rock Slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast.
Rock Smash is an HM that Charmander can learn, so it bumps growl off as well. Charmander’s final set when it hatches at level 5?
Rock Slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast, Rock Smash.
Damn, that’s a powerful lizard right there.

Eevee may evolve into 5 different pokemon, but Eevee is NOT the same species as its evolutions, so even if you breed 2 Vaporeons with Hydro Pump, the offspring Eevee will not have it. It’s just not in the egg moves section. This also applies to everything else.

<If you’re breeding for attacks but could care less about stats, you may stop here now>

So now we’ve got a handle on how attacks are passed on. But what about the actual offspring? What if we want our Charmander to be Adamant with 31 IVs across the board? Well, you’re insane and you should go kill yourself. But if you’re more realistic…

Breeding in Ruby/Sapphire is actually different from that of Pokemon Emerald. This guide will give you primarily the EMERALD information. Note that most of this applies to RS unless otherwise noted.

Abilities and Natures cannot be controlled in RS. However, this was changed in Emerald, sort of. When your pokemon create an egg (When the old man stands outside), the information stored in the egg only includes the Species, attacks, nature, ability and gender of the baby. That means if you save and re-get the egg, none of these things will change! NOTE: In Ruby and Sapphire, Nature is NOT determined beforehand, so your chance to breed is a lot lower. Save, check nature/IVs. No? RESET. Damnit, I know.

If you possess an EVERSTONE, equip it on the mother or DITTO if it involves a Ditto, and the offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting the Everstone user’s nature. Want an Adamant Charmander? Then breed for a Charmander with the right moves (and is male), and breed it with an Adamant Ditto! This does not work for Ruby and Sapphire though, so your best bet? SAVE before you get the egg and work your magic from there?

Of course, genetics is the #2 reason for all aspiring trainers to breed. Well, third. (In order of importance: Pleasure, attacks and this). If your pokemon forgets to use birth control, what exactly gets passed into the kid?

To understand this, you should have an ample knowledge of what IVs are. Each pokemon comes with an Individual Value (IV) for each of its stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. These determine the ability boundaries for the specific pokemon. They range from 0-31, and each value increases its final stat by 1. For example, a Mew has a base HP of 100. Its max Lv 100 HP (Without any Evs) is 404-64 = 360. However, the 360 assumes you have 31 Ivs in HP. What if you had 30? Then your max HP is only 359. It keeps lowering, until at IV 0, it’s 329. Cruel and unusual punishment? You bet.

Now with each parents having 6 IVs to pass on, how many actually do? The answer is 3 in total. That means, essentially, that 3 of the 12 stats get passed to the baby, randomly. The other 9 are randomly generated numbers. So if you had a Skarmory with 31 Def IV, for example, and a Ditto with 31 HP IVs, you can actually breed repeatedly until either or both IVs are passed on. Mathematically, it’d be the chance of choosing 2 things in random order out of 12, a combination if you will. (And if my math is correct, 479001600/ 7257600 = 1 in 66 chances.) If you want to be stubborn/determined/stupid, you can even try having a third IV passed on, although the chance of that is… quite small (although still infinitely better than catching one in the wild) (479001600 / 2177280 = 1 in 220 chances).

You’d likely have been thinking: Is there any possible way to control this menace? Well, the answer is no. Too bad, so sad. Your chance isn’t great, but it’s by no means terrible either. Read the Techniques section to see what I mean.

Now that we’ve got the basics down pat, lets look at ways we can increase our efficiency at breeding. Other than having multiple partners, that is.

================================================== ====================


There’re various things you can do when catching and breeding to improve efficiency. Lets take a look at my suggested procedure. You may disagree, saying you have a better way, and that’s fine and dandy, because I probably don’t even know you, so I wouldn’t know if you said it or not.

Certain features in Emerald have greatly sped up the catch/breed rate.

Everstone: Equip this on a Ditto or the mother (only if breeding w/o Ditto) for a 50% chance to inherit the user’s nature.

Flame Body, Magma Armour: Either, but not both of these abilities in your party will speed egg-hatching by 50%.

Synchronize: A pokemon with this ability will have a greater chance of meeting wild pokemon with the same Nature. E.g: a Modest Abra will encounter more modest Ralts.

Battle Frontier: In the house above the Poke-centre, there’s an old man who tells you your pokemon’s IVs. Handy, if I may say so myself.

Berries: Pomeg, Kelpsey, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tamato Berries each lower 10 Evs in HP, atk, def, spA, spD, speed respectively while raising friendliness by 10. Screwed up training? NO PROBLEMO!

These other things can help, a LOT, when breeding for things:
Mach Bike: God damn, without this thing, hatching eggs will take a lifetime. Now, it just takes half.

The save button: <3

Now to actually talk about the process of breeding.

What you need:
Dittos, and lots of them
Everstone, at least 1.
One pokemon from the species you need.
Patience, and lots of them.
A pokemon with FLY

Suggested other equips:
A pokemon with Synchronize and of the nature you want the offspring.
Mach Bike.
Slugma, or any pokemon with Flame Body OR Magma Armour as the trait
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