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Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth

The game has been released in Japan already, so I thought it was high time for some discussion on this!

NOTE: This thread will prolly contain spoilers. Spoiler codes are recommended!

Honestly, I'm really disappointed by this game. :( No starter quiz, only five starter choices (three of them are Gen V starters) and the other two are Pikachu and Axew. I was hoping for Cyndaquil AT LEAST, and I don't like any of the starter choices... There are VERY few Pokemon from past generations as well. There are only Generation V legendaries, and the best (imo) aren't even able to be recruited. It's also 3DS exclusive, so people without 3DSs can't play. I don't really much care for the plot either, since it mainly consists of missions and that's it. DX I hope I didn't ruin anyone's view on the game with my opinion, I just don't think this is Nintendo's greatest work. :( The graphics are lovely, but I would have loved it a lot more even if it were basic as long as it had a variety of choices. I don't like most of the music either. :(

/end hate rant

What's your opinions on this new game? O:
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