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Chapter Five

Almost an entire month had gone by until Rosina's leg was completely healed, the fractures in the bone causing her to have a painful recovery. During the weeks that had gone by however both Caleb and Jesse tried to do the best they could to help Rosina in any way; Caleb would drive Rosina to her night classes and Jesse would help out with Allison when he didn't have work. Rosina had been stubborn and refused to not go to work, so the manager finally gave up and had Rosina work the cashier so that way she was sitting on a stool all day and during night shifts.

Rosina was forced to sleep in Allison's playroom during her recovery since she had a hard time traveling up and down the staircase, to which Rosina's father brought down the crib to the playroom along with even Rosina's bed. It felt really good to Rosina that her leg was finally completely healed, though now she had scars on her leg from both a minor surgery and from when the teeth of the trap embedded deep into her skin.

"Is Caleb picking you up for class?" Hanna asked as she looked over to her daughter, the family sitting at the kitchen table.

"Class got cancelled tonight." Rosina responded as she looked towards the night sky. During her recovery all she could think about was the two wolves who approached her in the woods a month ago, something about them that seemed so familiar. Rosina had tried to talk to Jesse about it whenever the two of them would hang out with their daughters but he would always shoot down the subject, which frustrated Rosina.

"Does Caleb know he doesn't have to pick you up then?" Bill asked as he gave Allison another banana cookie, the toddler sitting in her high-chair with a sippy-cup full of milk.

"Yeah but knowing him he'll still want to come over and hang out for a little while before Allison goes to bed." Rosina responded with a small laugh.

"So, do you like either boy? Jesse or Caleb? They would both seem really good for you." Hanna asked with a smirk.

"Mom!" Rosina groaned with a sigh.

"I'm just saying. They both seem to like you in that way." Hanna chuckled. It was true that Rosina had began to develop feelings for both Jesse and Caleb, but if both of them liked her as much as she liked them then she wouldn't know what to do. If both males had feelings for her, then was that the reason why they never wanted to hang out together?

"I'm not looking to date anyone right now." Rosina simply said as her phone began to ring from her pocket, the brunette taking it out and gave a low growl when seeing who was calling her.

"What's wrong?" Bill asked.

"It's Sean." Rosina responded, standing up and walking outside.

"The deadbeat dad." Hanna mumbled as two kittens came rushing into the kitchen chasing each other. Rosina's parents decided to keep the two female kittens while Hank kept the two male kittens, to which Rosina was very happy about.

"Hello?" Rosina answered after taking a deep breath. Caleb had been walking down the darkened street to approach Rosina's front door but then suddenly saw Rosina walk out of her house, the Vampire quickly hiding behind a tree that was at the side of her house and listened to the phone conversation.

"Hey. How have you been?" Sean asked from the other end of the cell phone.

"I've been better. I had to get surgery on my leg." Rosina responded.

"I saw that on Facebook. Are you okay?" Sean asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. My friends Caleb and Jesse have been helping out a lot." Rosina said as she made her way towards the side of her house, only inches away from Caleb as he pressed his body further against the tree. "So how have you been?"

"I've been okay, and doing a lot of thinking regards of Allison." Sean responded as Rosina tensed.

"What about her?"

"I was thinking of getting a lawyer and file for some kind of custody so I could see Allison more. It's not fair that I never get to see her, since she's my daughter as well." Sean responded in a tone to which Rosina knew he was smirking on the other end of the line.

"When I lived in Jersey all that time you made it perfectly clear you didn't want to see your daughter, and you even said it was okay for me to move out of state with her. Just to be safe we had everything cleared by a judge, so all of the proof is written down on documentation which I have copies of." Rosina growled, knowing Sean was only doing this to get under her skin.

"You can't keep me away from my own daughter and her from her own grandparents." Sean responded coolly.

"She doesn't even know who the hell you are!" Rosina responded in anger, the brunette beginning to raise her voice. "I've given you so many chances to be a part of her life but you always shot them down! Even during her birthdays and holidays I would beg you to come and see her, and then you would just ignore my calls and text messages. But now suddenly when I move to Delaware, got into college and was hired for a really good job you suddenly want to see her? I know you're just doing this to be a jack*ss, Sean."

"Well maybe if you hadn't gotten drunk and had a one-night stand with me like a wh*re then you wouldn't be in this situation." Sean's words sliced Rosina like a knife as her eyes widened, tears threatening to burn them as Caleb's fists clenched in anger for what Sean had called Rosina.

"You can go waste your money on a lawyer all you want, because everything has been already set in stone by the judge. You aren't getting any custody towards Ally, and you're never seeing her." Rosina growled, hanging up the phone as the tears escaped her eyes. The brunette took a few steady breaths in an attempt to calm herself down as Caleb continued to hide on the other side of the tree, the Vampire watching as Rosina walked back towards her front door and returned back inside.

"What happened?" Bill asked when seeing the tears falling down his daughter's face from the other side of the room.

"Sean want to try and file cus-" Rosina began but was cut off by the sound of the doorbell, to which she turned around towards the door and froze.

"You don't think that's Sean, do you?" Hanna asked in concern as Allison was looking around the room from her high-chair, the toddler not knowing what was going on but knew something was wrong. "You don't think he's smart enough to drive all the way here and then make that phone call, do you?"

"If it is him then he's getting punched in the face." Rosina growled as she began to turn the doorknob, the brunette not bothering to wipe away her tears as she quickly opened the door. Caleb stood there with his blonde bangs cutting off just above his sapphire eyes, a concerned look on his face.

"Hey... I was on my way over here and saw you quickly go inside your house. It looked like you were crying... are you okay?" Caleb asked, bringing Rosina to look down. More tears silently slid down her face, though Caleb couldn't enter inside the house without an invitation. He had been inside the house before but each time in order to enter he would have to be invited in, which meant that when he left the house he wasn't able to enter it again until another invitation was granted. "May I come in?" Rosina's slow nod was all he needed as she continued to look down, the Vampire stepping inside the house and wrapped his arms around the brunette.

"What did Sean say?" Bill asked as anger began to flow through the man, though his anger wasn't caused by anyone in the house. He had always disliked Sean since he would never make an attempt to see Allison, and seeing his daughter cry because of Sean only made that hate so much more worse. Caleb released Rosina as the two walked into the kitchen and sat down, Rosina looking up at her parents.

"Sean wants to try and file for custody towards Ally, which doesn't even make any sense since he never made the attempt to be a part of her life in the first place." Rosina responded, wiping new tears away as Caleb pushed his chair closer to hers and wrapped an arm around Rosina, the brunette leaning into the blonde haired male for comfort.

"We still have the court papers, right?" Hanna asked as she looked over to her husband, who nodded.

"The two of you remained friends on Facebook so you guys could be somewhat friendly, and I'm sure he's seen how happy you've been ever since moving here." Bill explained. "He's only trying to ruin that, so don't let him upset you. We have everything we need to make sure he doesn't get custody at all, so everything is going to be okay."

"Are you sure everything will be okay?" Rosina asked, bringing the Vampire to slightly tighten his grip on her.

"Yes, it will be." Caleb nodded, to which Rosina nodded as well.

"Why don't the two of you go upstairs and hang out for a little while?" Hanna added in the conversation with a smile. "We want to play with Ally for an hour or so before she goes to bed."

"Okay." Rosina responded with a small chuckle, her and Caleb standing up and walking up to her room.

"You okay?" Caleb asked as Rosina walked over to her bed and laid down with a sigh, the Vampire sitting next to her. At least her bed and Allison's crib was back upstairs in her room now.

"Yeah. I'm sorry for that little family drama." Rosina said, offering a small smile.

"It's fine." Caleb chuckled lightly. "Turn over."

"Why?" Rosina laughed.

"You look stressed from everything. I happen to give good massages." The Vampire responded.

"I'll just have to be the judge of that." Rosina smirked, the brunette laying on her stomach and rested her chin on her white pillow. Caleb positioned his body and placed both of his hands on the middle of Rosina's back, beginning to move them in a soft, steady rhythm. After a few moments Rosina smiled, closing her dark eyes as she relaxed. "That does feel good."

"Told you." Caleb chuckled. The two remained silent for awhile as Caleb's hands explored different areas of Rosina's back, his fingertips brushing over her bra's straps and the back of her bra through her shirt. Every touch he made sent electric shocks of warm pleasure flowing through Rosina's body, though she tried not to show it as she did her best to control her breathing. The sound of her heart pounding rapidly in her chest could be picked up from Caleb's enhanced hearing however which gave her away, the Vampire smirking as he allowed his hands to slowly move down her back where his fingertips rested on the edge of the bottom of her shirt.

"Don't stop..." Rosina whispered as her eyes remained closed, Caleb's breathing slightly quickening now as he slowly pushed his hands underneath Rosina's shirt. He waited for a few moments as his slightly cold skin made contact with her warm skin, wanting to see if Rosina would decline the touch. When she didn't however and could hear her breathing start to become unsteady from pleasure Caleb slowly moved his hands up even further, slipping them underneath the back of Rosina's bra and rested them there as her shirt was pushed up by him.

"I've been wanting you." Caleb whispered in Rosina's ear when he leaned down towards her.

"So take me." Rosina whispered back slowly. He traced the arch of Rosina's back with his fingers as the sapphire iris in both of his eyes brightly glowed blue, the Vampire beginning to softly kiss where his fingertips had just brushed as he forced his eyes back to normal, the sensation of Caleb's lips touching Rosina's skin bringing her to softly sigh in pleasure. It felt like every inch of Rosina's body was on fire as Caleb lightly nibbled her skin, the Vampire slowly pushing off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. He then took off his own shirt and laid on top of the brunette, his slightly cold skin refreshing to Rosina as he nibbled on her neck.

"I want you so badly." Caleb murmured, a low growl of pleasure escaping deep within his throat as Rosina turned her body around to lay on her back, staring up into Caleb's piercing eyes.

"We probably shouldn't do this..." Rosina whispered, though temptation was clear in her eyes. Caleb pushed his hips into her still-clothed legs and parted them, pressing his body softly against Rosina's which caused her to sigh in pleasure, Caleb grinning as he pressed his hips into hers a little harder.

"But you want to. I know you don't want to stop, and neither do I." He thrust his hips harder into hers, to which she had to moan in pleasure into Caleb's neck so her parents wouldn't hear what was about to happen. Both Rosina and Caleb breathed hard as the brunette pulled onto his back and lightly dug her nails into his soft skin, her lips connecting with his in a hungry kiss. Caleb wasted no time as he broke the kiss a few long moments later and began to bite the bottom of Rosina's stomach, though he made sure not to hurt her as his tongue traveled along her bellybutton and up to her chest, kissing the rounded skin that was exposed just outside of Rosina's bra.

Caleb had just begun to kiss Rosina again and pressed his body hard against hers when the sound of Allison's laughter could be heard coming from the playroom, the very sound bringing Rosina to return back to reality as she broke the kiss and looked up at the Vampire. It was clear that Rosina wanted to keep going, as well as Caleb, but something in Rosina's mind was telling her to stop before things got too far and couldn't turn back. Her daughter entered her mind, and even Jesse. Jesse. Why would Rosina be suddenly thinking of the other male at a time like this?

"I-I'm sorry... could we put this on pause right now?" Rosina asked with guilt, seeing the disappointment in Caleb's eyes. He nodded however, getting off of Rosina and stood from the bed as he placed back on his shirt.

"Is everything okay?" Caleb asked, his voice a bit hard as Rosina slightly flinched, the brunette sitting up and quickly placed back on her own shirt.

"I don't want things to end up going too fast and risking our friendship." Rosina responded, though Caleb's expression didn't soften.

"Does any of this have to do with Jesse?" Caleb asked, receiving silence as his answer as Rosina adverted her gaze from him. The Vampire's jaw tightened as he began to walk towards the bedroom door, bringing Rosina to look over to him.

"Are you leaving...?"

"Yeah. I've had enough mind-games for one night." Caleb growled.

"That's not wha-" Before Rosina could finish her sentence Caleb was already leaving the room and shut the door, Rosina sighing as she sat back on her bed.

Rosina ran down a long, never ending narrow hallway as fast as she could, both fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins as she forced her burning legs to keep on running. Both sides of the black hallway had large windows repeating themselves one after the other, sunlight beaming in from both sides and shined down brightly on Rosina. She dared to look behind her to see if the threat was still following, the brunette gasping in shock at what she saw. Every time Rosina would pass one of the bright windows they would suddenly be consumed in darkness, looking as though something were blocking them.

"You can't hide behind the sunlight forever." A voice suddenly chuckled as Rosina turned her head back around and ran even faster. She tried to pinpoint where the voice came from but it was impossible, the terrifying voice coming from every direction. The brunette turned her head behind her again only to see the windows which she was running passed were continuing to be consumed by darkness, her eyes widening at what was causing the windows to lose its sunlight. Hundreds of Vampire Bats were flying around and pasting themselves on the window's glass to block out the sunlight.

"Sh*t!" Rosina cursed as she turned her head back around once again, a laugh from the terrifying voice filling the hallway. A door could suddenly be seen ahead as Rosina raced to it, sunlight pouring out from the bottom crack of it. If she could just reach the door in time and run through it then she might be safe, the threat not being able to follow her any longer. After a few long moments of running Rosina finally reached the door and pulled it open, sunlight pouring into the long hallway as a horrible scream could be heard coming from right behind her. Rosina didn't bother to look back however as she ran through the door and closed it, the brunette completely surprised by where she ended up.
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