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Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
As hard as it is to ammend the constitution, it is improbable that Congress will bother trying.
It is actually harder to modify the Bill of Rights according to my research.
From a legal standpoint, it is possible to ammend the Constitution to null the second ammendment with another ammendment.
This would of course cause a political backlash.
My own personal experience, as a Southerner, shows that many people are willing to die for the right to keep their guns.
Many people were also upset enough by the recent presidential election that some of them began petitioning to secede from the Union.
Think of the backlash that would occur if guns were outlawed for the civilian population.
I don't know about you guys, but I personally would prefer to avoid a second Civil War.

The republicans wouldn't pass it. DX It's have top go by the Supreme Court which also have very very very biased members. I'm a southerner too. :( Honestly, the south are seriously idiots. Basically a good term would be 'cry babies' because they lost and now they want to quit. -_- Texas is probably the worst of them (not all Texans are bad, just those people that do those things that I'm to lazy to explain). Gun Control =/= Taking away all guns. Even though I'd be okay with no guns anywhere ever again. As Kenny said, guns are bad any way you put it.

It'd be pretty hard to have a Civil War without guns. ;D

Well if there were no guns, you really wouldn't NEED concealed weapons...You can really over come knives by hand, as well as strangulation or something non-weapon related can be stopped easily as well if they don't have a gun.
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