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Originally Posted by Lan.exe View Post
You guys make me happy.

I seriously wasn't expecting to come back to 2 pages of serious discussion, haha. I agree with Gold, we should switch the topic though, cause it's pretty depressing. Either way you look at an issue like that, it boils down to people pointing the fingers at why something happened. I don't think more gun control would help, because I think the point of the second amendment, is so that when something like this happens, you wouldn't need to wait for the police to arrive 15/20 minutes later; civilians would be able to handle themselves. The way I see it, this wasn't some crazy horrible monster who did these things. This was a 20-year old kid like us, who was probably really depressed and frustrated with the world. He obviously saw no point to living anymore and decided to do what he did. I don't think we should be attacking the offender as much as we do, because in my eyes, they are really just another victim. I mean, seriously, he killed his own mother. If that isn't an indication of how much someone resents ever being alive, I don't know what is. In my mind, the area we should be focusing on is mental health, and not really for specific people, but for the general population.

Oh, and if you guys want something else to talk about, how about this new remix of the Red/Lance Battle Theme from GSC that I made?
Lan: Making a difference.

I thought that remix was EPIC as hell.
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