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Default Game of the Year 2012

So the end of the year is here. And the question comes into mind as always: what is your game of the year this year? Top 5? Best in each genre? Do tell!

So for me my year was mostly dominated by RPG games and ironically mostly of rereleases with extended extras. I think the most time I've put into are games like Persona 4 Golden, Pokemon Black 2, Dark Souls: PTD Edition, Tales of the Abyss and Binding of Issac: Wrath of the Lamb.

It's not surprising to me that there's one category that I'll definitely be deliberating a lot more on.

Best Shooter: Spec Ops: The Line
I cannot overstate how amazed I am that I actually liked a shooter, but here I am in a sea of CoD and Halo, I pick a little outdated gem in spec ops. It gets my vote because this game tries to do something interesting and something quite different from what we are used to, similar to the shock of CoD4, but more refined in its storytelling, PTSD, etc.
The truth is, you're here because you want to feel like something you're not. A hero.

Best Action/Action RPG: Dark Souls PTD Edition
Honestly this is one of the hardest games with an incredible amount of lore. The addition of the new content was amazing (the new dragon is SO COOL, Artorias IS SO COOL). This game is punishingly hard and it is so true that there is a lot of satisfaction after beating particularly tough bosses. Most certainly one of the best games of the year, even if it is a year old. Yes, I like this game better than Tales, even if I love Tales.

Best JRPG: Persona 4 Golden
So much to do, great story, great game. Persona 4 Golden added a bunch of new content to the PS2 game, and it shines on a portable machine. This game is so good. Such a final fantasy game that isn't final fantasy.

Best Music Game: DJ Max Technika
Want a technika machine on your vita? There you go. I wish the vita is bigger though. :( Then again, its only competition is Project Diva, so w/e.

Most interesting mechanic: Gravity manipulation
Gravity Rush! The actual ability to manipulate gravity is AMAZING. I'd love to see how the sequel would go, since the actual first game is like maybe 1/3 of a game at most and leaves a lot to be desired. But the roaming and exploration with gravity manipulation is fantastic.

Best Fighter: Ultimate Marvel 3
Broken is broken. This game is just as good as their console versions. No SF4AE on a portable though. :(

Best Visual Novel: Virtue's Last Reward
When your competition...well there is none in the console market, so there you go. Btw, 999 was good, so you'll know what to expect here.

More to come...maybe. :P

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