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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
I think banning guns because some people were killed in connecicut with a gun is a bad idea, its like killing the mailman over bad news. If guns were never invented, the gunman would probably be doing the exact same thing with a sword or a bow. You cant blame the weapon the killer used, its not the weapons fault, its the killers, a gun is an inanimate object that has no will on its own, it cant harm anything if its not in the hands of someone. Its true that the gun gives a potential murderer extra power, but the murderer could have used something else, like a knife. There are 340,840 stabbings in the united states every year, but there are only 30,000 shootings, but still there are more groups looking to ban guns than knives, a knife is easy to conceal and you probably have several in your home, gun-skeptics will state that its easier to kill someone with a gun than with something else, but in reality, its just as difficult to pull a trigger as to stab someone, they are both ''do it'' situations, and most people wont have the courage to do it, but if you really needed to kill someone, you would succeed anyway, as it is just a matter of time and kill, but in the end, one is most likely dead.
Any number of innocent people killed anywhere is bad. xD

Guns may not kill people, but the guns sure do help. Not sure where you're getting those numbers, but in 2008, 9,484 people were killed by something gun-related. 1,897 people were killed by cutting or stabbing. So take away the guns, take away a lot of murders. Period.

Usually people will see one person get stabbed and then run away before they can get stabbed. So it's honestly better to have one person die then 30. :P
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