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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

"Mum! Dad! No!" Cobalt yelled. Suddenly he woke up. It was almost dusk, judging by the angle of the sun, and Cobalt had been woken up by the nightmare he lived a few days ago. The day the Army came and destroyed his home, then proceeding to kill his parents. Cobalt couldn't help but replay those few minutes in his mind. He was a Kirlia back then. He could remember perfectly, his father urging him and his mother into a cave, then fighting off three other pokemon. When they killed his father, they entered the cave, and killed his mother, who died trying to protect Cobalt. The one thing Cobalt was unsure of, was what happened next. Cobalt felt something click in his mind, and before he realised what was going on, the three murderous pokemon clutched their heads in pain, and then were blown away by an accidental telekinetic blast by Cobalt.

Cobalt attempted to stand up, but tripped doing so. He still needed to get used to being so much bigger. Looking at his now black and dark purple skin, he wondered why and how he evolved. He could only evolve into a Gallade if a Dawn stone was present. But there was none there. And if it were battle experience that made him evolve, he would have become Gardevior.

The sun was starting to set faster, and light disappeared from the barren wasteland that surrounded his once beautiful home. He knew he had to get moving. Gallade were a rare bunch, and him being a different colour made him stand out. Travelling at night was his best option. He didn't know what he was hiding from, but he knew that this was an unfamiliar place, and that things could get alot more dangerous.

Cobalt continued travelling until well after midnight. He was about to take a rest, when he heard something. The snapping of a twig, probably fallen from one of the dead trees that were nearby.

"Twigs don't just snap by themself." Cobalt thought.
"I know you're there. Come out, and things won't get violent." Cobalt yelled out. A few seconds later, four legged creature walked out. Cobalt couldn't identify it in the shadows.

"I'm afraid things are going to get violent, whether I come out or not." said a raspy voice. Suddenly a purple light appeared above the creatures head, as it ran towards Cobalt. Cobalt saw it was an Absol, and jumped out of the way. Though he was a fighter as a Gallade, he had no experience with hand-to-hand combat, and Absol had the type advantage in this situation.

Cobalt closed his eyes, and attempted to use Psychic. He had done it plenty of times before as a Kirlia, and thought he could pull it off as a Gallade. He was wrong.
There was a deep 'boom' and Cobalt felt himself pushed into the air by the blast. He hit the ground with a thud, and lost consciousness when his head slammed against the hard ground.

"Sorry mate, but I have a pack to feed, and slave trading is one of the few good ways to keep them from starving." Absol said to an unconscious Cobalt.

Making sure that he didn't injure Cobalt further (Injuring slaves lowers their value), Absol used the flat of his blade to lift Cobalt onto his back. He then holwed in the air to the rest of his group, signalling he had found something. The high pitched howl echoed across the flat wasteland.

Cobalt awoke a few hours later, unable to move. He was on the Absol's back, who was walking with a Zoroark and a Weaville.
"Who are you, and why did you attack me?" Cobalt yelled, looking around at his captors.

"Look who's awake." laughed the Zoroark.
"I attacked you, because you were there. Food is held by the powerful pokemon, and selling them slaves is the best way to keep our families fed." said the Absol, without looking back.
"And don't try to move. We slipped you some Omeda Berries when you were out cold. They paralyze from the neck down for a few hours. By the time they wear off, you will be sold, and we will be fed." added the Weaville.

"My parents died, so I could live as a slave.." Cobalt thought to himself. He continued to wonder his fate, and why his Psychic attack backfired.

The sun was starting to rise, and due to his temporary paralysis, Cobalt was only able to look in one direction from Absol's back. East, where the sun was blocked out by a large swamp...

(OOC: You swamp pokemon in for a bit of action? ;)...)

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