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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy saw the Scyther release three berries from his schythes and prod them towards him.

"Here, have some of these. They're Qualot berries."

Sy glanced at the berries, his stomach begging him to accept this Scyther's kind offer. Sy hesitantly picked one up and took a bite. There was a combination of sweetness and spiciness with a slightly sour aftertaste but the Riolu found it delicious, especially after going without food for a while. Sy looked up at the Scyther who had introduced himself as Gladwing.

"I'm Symon." he introduced back, in the same quiet voice. "But....I like Sy better."

Sy always preferred the shortened variation of his name. It's what his brother always called him. His parents always called him by his full name, but they were his parents so he let them. Sy took another bite from his berry trying not to remember the horrors he saw back in the valley. He then realized he forgot his manners and mentally kicked himself for it. He was usually good in that area.

"Th...thank you for the berries." he said shyly.
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