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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Gladewing (Scyther)
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As soon as Gladewing spoke, the creature scrambled backwards. Fear was plain in its eyes as it stared up at the young Scyther, which immediately saddened Gladewing. He had not meant to scare the little one--but who could blame it? This was unfriendly territory, and... Well, some Scythers were known to be a bit rough around strangers. Gladewing, however, was an honorable and mannerly Scyther.

The creature--which Gladewing now recognized as a Riolu--seemed to relax a bit after the Scyther made no threatening motions. He glanced down timidly at its feet and whispered in a quiet voice, "N...not r..really. I'm...l....lost....something bad...h...happened where I...came from."

Gladewing looked at the Riolu sympathetically. He could see know the tell-tale signs of a struggle for life and death on the pup's body. Though young, he seemed to have been through much. It suddenly came across the Scyther's mind that this poor Pokemon could possibly be yet another refugee from the legendary valley. Those that he had encountered the other day were in a similar state... Lost and wounded...

A low rumble suddenly broke Gladewing's train of thought. The Riolu blushed shyly, apparently embarrassed by his stomach's protest. How unthoughtful! Gladewing scolded himself, staring down at the berries in his scythes. This poor creature must be half-starved, and here I am standing with these in my grasp! Surely, the others wouldn't mind if Gladewing shared his bounty. The Riolu needed some food as much as they did.

Gladewing let a trio of berries fall from his arms, then carefully prodded them towards the Riolu. "Here," he kindly offered. "Have some of these. They're Qualot berries."

The Scyther smiled expectantly as he waited for the Riolu to eat.

"I am Gladewing, by the way," he introduced himself as he remembered his manners.

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