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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Yup yup, 26 people were killed, and 18 of them were Kindergartners. I really hope this and the Aurora City shootings fuels the US Congress to pass some law that not everyone can have a gun. Everyone and anyone having a gun is outrageous. They tried to address this years ago but the hicks were all like, "OMG MAH GUNZ DEY IZ GUNNA TAKE EM AWAYZ OMG U DUMIES I VOTE NO" So the law didn't pass because of the ignorance of these hicks.

All they wanted to do was make it to where the mentally ill and those with a criminal history couldn't get guns, and anyone else could sign up and complete various other passes to get guns. BUT NO LOL NOT MY GUNS. -_-
Wow. They should be more like us - nobody is allowed a gun unless you're part of the police that carry lethal weapons, other than that we have a no-no.

I really do give my best wishes to all of those affected though - such a horrible, disgusting, twisted thing to have happened. I seriously don't understand why someone would want to kill children...


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