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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Brandon when you do post please try and read mine to keep up with where you are.)

A loud laugh echoes through Markus's head. Soon he can hear the voice of his parents laughing.
"You're aunt was right about you all this time...You have wasted your potential."The sound of his mothers voice rings through.

In the background Dredd still laughs.

* Whoa your parents were rough on you...but I mean it did take you years to learn the very little you know. Now that is a sadstory..almost brings a tear to my eye..*

As Markus rushes out of town he is stopped by a patrol of Rocket Grunts
"No where to run now boy!"

Grunts surround Markus firing a blasts of electricity into him.

*Now this is going to be interesting.*

Markus blacks out, waking up what seems like hours later tied up in a box. He can feel movement but he is unsure where he is.

Stacy looks at the group. With more then 15 guards she shakes her head not to.
"Even if we get 5 of them, there going to have an advantage on us...we need to another way..Brandon's distraction! we need to tell him to do what he was sent there to do."

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