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Default Re: Join-Iversary (How have you changed?)

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
Permaban? permabans are the live executions of the internetz, what did you do to get permabanned? in most cases you only get permabanned for doing something really bad, even the spambots are only temporarily banned.

speaking of bans, i was
from getting temp banned once.
Spambots temporarily banned? No no no no no. xD They are if a GMod doesn't ban them (which sometimes happens), but mods can infract which give them two days temp ban. We report them and sometimes they never get perma-banned, but they never usually come back.

Temporary bans happen when you have three points from infractions. They usually expire, so you'll get temp banned from three constant infractions. You guys NEED to be wary of:

Inappropriate language (pretty much any vulgar word and almost every curse word. Damn and ass should be fine, but you should still only use those in moderation and the forum bleeps some words out).

No insulting others either. This basically is self-explanatory.

Signature rule violation. I'm honestly not sure what this is...DON'T PUT NUTHIN' NAUGHT IN YO SIGGIES.

And spamming advertisements. If you want to advertise, we've an advertising thread.

Trolling, flaming, and spamming are also infraction worthy depending on the extent and if the user has been warned.

Posting sexual content on the forum can also mean perma-ban. If you must show someone sexual content, then do it away from the forum.

Okay, now you guys know what we infract on and what you should be posting. ABIDE OR BE FROWNED UPON.

Aaaaaaand back on topic, I usually spent my time in the trading center back in the day, before trading or trivia posts counted, so I only had one post in my first account. XD
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