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As the bright sunshine shone above me, Gaius, Cryogonal and Farfetch’d, I wondered if this battle would end soon. Cryogonal levitated in a circle and was quite merrier due to my kind words and encouragement. Farfetch’d seemed to be in this battle to win it. I could do with a bird of this calibre to help me win many future battles. As I commanded Cryogonal to use Solarbeam I had hoped it would be a powerful one. Grass moves were not as affective against Flying-Typed Pokemon. Alas, Type advantage was not always the norm for Pokemon battles. I watched as my powerful, icy Cryogonal’s crystal body started to brighten up and absorbed the bright sunlight. Suddenly, the fuzzy, brown duck flapped it wings and flew straight forward to Cryogonal.

“Woah, watch out,” I shouted and shrieked. I was quite worried. I carefully glimpsed up at the fuzzy duck’s dark substance around its back end. What could this move be? Could it be critical? I was really nervous because it had so many tricks up its feathers. Suddenly, Cryogonal’s Substitute hazed in front of the attack and crumbled into pieces.

“Thanks Substitute,” I said for Cryogonal. “That was a lucky defense.” Cryogonal’s Solarbeam technique was unleashed and blasted full power at the fuzzy duck. It rapidly dropped to the crusty ground. I watched as it struggled to its feet. I guess I should attempt a capture soon. Yes, that’s right. I just need to whittle down its health a little more. Cryogonal hovered back slightly in the sunlight and appeared to be quite content. This was a shock considering the weather. I needed to take advantage of this sudden outcome of the battle. Therefore, I should blast an attack to pin it down some more and then attempt the capture with a Park Ball.

“I think we got this covered,” I said, and clapped at the Cryogonal. “Good job as always Cryogonal. Let’s finish this up!” I cheered with excitement on the possibility of having a new Pokemon friend to add to my collection. Now, let’s do this. I thought to myself.

“Cryogonal, I think you should use Ice Beam,” I said. “I know it does not do as much in the sunny weather. However, we need to finish this up quick and press on. Therefore, use Ice Beam!” Cryogonal’s eyes pierced with a crimson colour and it prepared its Ice Beam command with action. I watched closely as the fuzzy, brown duck was a bit concussed.

“I hope Farfetch’d will enjoy becoming my friend eventually,” I said, and smiled. “Cryogonal use your Ice Beam, quickly now!” This all brings back memories from seven years ago, when I first became a Pokemon Trainer. I started out with my trusty Numel and we ventured out to the Hoenn region. There, we met the Bug-Type Pokemon, Wurmple. It was a tough creature, and took a lot of strength to over power. (Even with a Fire-Type Pokemon). Numel had used Ember countless times and Wurmple kept countering with String Shot, and fast movements. Eventually, I captured it and it was my friend. In the end, it evolved into a Beautifly and later I released it to be with its friends once again.

Anyways! “Cryogonal, use Ice Beam now!” I shouted. “Then, when it hits I will throw my Park Ball!” I stretched for my backpack and brought out the beautiful sphere and readied it for capturing Farfetch’d!
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