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Default The Chosen [SU/DS] (Sign-Ups Now Closed. May Reopen)

The Chosen

The Worlds
You are a normal teenager/young adult (13-23) living in the world of humans (Our World). In this world, Pokemon don’t and have never existed, until December 21st 2012. Little do you know that there are more worlds. 3 more to be exact. The world of Pokemon, where pokemon live together in prosperity, without any humans, the Hybrid World, where Humans and Pokemon live and work together, and the Shadow World. Each of these worlds has a barrier, which prevents anyone entering or leaving. The Shadow Worlds barrier is in ruins.

The Enemy
The Shadow world is a dark, desolate place. The Shadow Creatures that live there consist of pure evil. Every time a sin is committed in one of the three other worlds, it contributes to the creation of Shadow Creatures. Being created of evil, they know nothing, but the urge to hurt others. It is usually impossible for these creatures to end up in other worlds. If they attempt to leave, they become trapped in the time-space continuum, where they remain for eternity, or until an opening is created in another worlds barrier. These creatures cannot be destroyed by human weapons, but can be killed by pokemon, due to the pokemon’s innocence as a group.

The Danger
Recent events, involving Humans entering the Pokemon World, have created holes in the Barriers of the world’s and Shadow Creatures are beginning to appear. They can take on the form of any human whose sins contributed to its making, and can possess human’s forcing them to do horrible things. They also hide in the shadows. These creatures cannot stand sunlight in their natural form, and need to disguise themselves, hide in the shadows or possess humans to stay in the sunlight safely. They have always existed, but haven’t made too large of an impact. Until now.

The Solution
Before the creation of the worlds, 9 people were picked from all over the world of Humans to protect the worlds, and stop the Shadow Creatures. Each of these people had a trait that stood out from them. Justice, Integrity, Truth, Loyalty, Patience, Hope, Excellence, Discipline and Perseverance. Until each member of The Chosen demonstrate these aspects, they will not have their true power, and will not stand a chance of stopping the Shadow Creatures.

The Chosen
On December 21st 2012, The Chosen were all living their every day lives. But at 2:49am, a shooting star, will cross their sight. This shooting star, a meteor, will crash near their home, and they will go to the crash site. They don’t know why, but will go anyway, as is their destiny. At the crash site, they will find 2 things. An Egg which contains their partner Pokemon, and an Amulet which marks them as the Chosen. This Amulet has the ability to teleport them to a temple in the Amazon Rainforest, from anywhere in the world, and to take them home again if they desire.

This is where their adventures as the Chosen will begin…

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