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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

[MENTION=31153]Fossil Fusion[/MENTION]
Ranger: Gaius Tyrannius
Trainer: Chris
Area: Enigma Ruins
BP #5

"Thanks, Gaius," Chris said, giving me a thumbs up as he snagged the jumper from the air. "This should keep me warm and repay the favour soon," he finished, turning his attention back to the battle.

I would have stopped to think about what he meant by that, but the battle was still going on and Farfetch'd was far from out of it.

“So much for the icy temperatures,” Chris said, musing aloud about his situation. “Cryogonal be careful, we cannot use your Ice-cold moves as effective here." He shrugged out of the now useless jumper and tossed it back to me. “Here, Gaius hold on to it for now,” I he said to me. “Thanks so much for the assistance!” His Cryogonal seemed upset by the sudden change in weather, so Chris said a few encouraging words to the Ice type. "Cheer up, Cryogonal. No need to be down. I have an idea, but that Farfetch’d is becoming a pain now! Cryogonal, let’s do this!”

Cryogonal's spirits seemed buoyed up by his master's words as its demeanor took on a more positive bearing.

“Cryogonal, let’s try a special move nobody would expect! Cryogonal, take the sunlight in and use Solarbeam!”

I was a little surprised by this tactic because I knew it wouldn't do that much damage to the Pokemon because it was a Flying type, which made Grass typed moves not very effective against it. It was however a good use of the sudden weather. Since Solarbeam normally took twice as long to use as a normal attack, it was efficient to use it now. Plus, Chris might be thinking that with this low damaging attack plus another he could lower the health of Farfetch'd enough to capture it next.

“Take this giant Solarbeam, Farfetch’d,” he said, and pointed. “Your time is running out little bird.”

If the bird could have scowled I'm sure it would have. As Cryogonal's crystal body started to light up and it drew in the sunlight needed for the Solarbeam, the wild Pokemon flapped its wings and flew forward straight at Chris's Pokemon. One of its wings was trailing a dark substance behind it, which told me it was using Night Slash, a Dark type move. Before the Pokemon could attack its rival though, the Substitute materialized in front of the attack, taking the Night Slash and fading from sight.

Because Farfetch'd had flown directly at Cryogonal it made an easy target for the Solarbeam. The Pokemon was blasted by the full power of the concentrated beam of light. Farfetch'd dropped to the ground and appeared dazed as it struggled to its feet. This would be a perfect time for Chris to land a punishing blow and try and capture the Pokemon.


Battle Stats

Cryogonal 100.00%{Used Solarbeam}
Farfetch’d 42.70%[-1Spd]{Used Night Slash}{Slightly dazed and blinded}

Trainer Info

Name: Chris
Location: Enigma Ruins
Trainer Items: Park balls x 3, Superball x 2, Hyper Ball x 1, Max Potions x 2, Pokeplayer(Drilbur), Park Pass
Area Effects: 13 Encounters Remaining | Sun - 4
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Tympole ??? | ??? Corphish ??? | ??? Whismur ??? | ??? Munna ??? | ??? Growlithe ??? | ??? Magikarp ??? | M Farfetch’d
Pokemon Captured:
CC since last encounter: 12,049 | 15,000

Pokemon Stats:
Modest | Genderless | Cryogonal @ Levitate w/ EMs: Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Blizzard, Hidden Power[Electric] | 100%

Adamant | Male | Nidoking @ Sheer Force w/ EMs: Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Substitute, Surf, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hone Claws, Outrage | 100%

Coordinator Stat's

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