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Default Re: Join-Iversary (How have you changed?)

I joined at the beginning of 2005, which means my 8 year PE2K anniversary is coming up in January! I was really shy and hid out in the Pokemon boards. The forum seemed a lot bigger back then and I was really intimidated by everyone, especially the staff. xD

My favourite PE2K activity was answering people's questions about the games, so that's all I really used to do. I didn't really make any close friends for a long time because I was too shy to talk to anyone, but eventually I made a small group of friends and we spent hours in group chats and holding URPG battles. We've all gone our separate ways now, but I think those chats are my favourite memory!

PE2K is the first and only forum I have ever stayed with. I never would have imagined that I would become a staff member let alone an admin, and met so many awesome people!
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