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Default Re: First Impressions to Newcomers (About Skins)

*Cough* I use SmoothGreen *Cough* Now if only there was a decent Aggron skin :D

Hmm, I have to agree. I'm rattling my brain trying to think of a good way to kick the fanfiction area back into gear, and it isn't easy. I really agree that starting with a giant project won't get anywhere at all. Sometimes, though, coming up with the idea in the first place is the most difficult part. You can't even think about execution without an idea! (Additionally, life and work make it difficult as well to come up).

As for skins, I would keep BlueCommune - not as default anymore - as Sealboy mentioned, for the sake of the older members and those that want a simple art style or to be reminded of the forum's humble beginnings. It does not harm on the drop down menu, and perhaps it could be renamed to "Pe2k Heritage Skin" or something, in reference to it. Or not XD
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