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Default Re: First Impressions to Newcomers (About Skins)

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
I've never liked BlueCommune. Sorry, I just don't. As both a graphic artist and a guy majoring in business marketing, eye-catching appeal, product recall, and communication is really needed to draw in the potential customer (in this case, new members). You've got to seize their curiosity and wonder right from the start. When people look at PE2K for the first time, they've got to see something that wows them and really tells them this place has got talent, it's cool, and they're Pokémon fans that are brimming with creativity. Las Vegas doesn't attract tourists with a poster and a box of crayons, and the opening ceremony of the Olympics sure isn't a kindergarten skit. They bring out the big guns, and we need to do that too. You need to bring out color, life, and some magic, and really rub it in that people who gaze upon PE2K are in for something cool, creative, and special.

BlueCommune just doesn't do that. Not by a long shot, no matter how you slice it. It just sends the wrong message that PE2K is just a simple forum with simple members and simple things going on, thus making everyone simpletons. Nah. If you walk into Best Buy shopping for electronics, sorry dude, but they're not stocking the black and white box televisions sets anymore or a Commodore 64. They'll show you the cool gadgets and the flat screen TVs and hardware that will knock your socks off. PE2K has to do that in a way a forum can present itself.
I understand what you're saying, and I agree completely - I did some work in business myself when I was at school, I know how important a first impression is. I was just pointing out that there will be some members who stick around and don't give a damn about the main theme. I mean, I'm here, and I'm easily the most awesome member on the forum! xD Just have a wee little bond with BlueCommune - would be nice to just keep it in the list for the older members' sake. Sometimes too much change can ruin a company - a new name would be out of the question in my opinion. Pe2k rolls off my tongue as easily as the letter "a", and the fact that it's named "2000" tells us where the forum started, and how far it's come. Keep some originality to the forum at least - a full make-over might just ruin us.

But yeah, I agree that a new main theme would be ideal. I recommend Reshiram in that case - more likely to draw in newer fans of the Pokemon universe so that we can corrupt-- er, I mean, teach them, the ways of the old. xD


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