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Default Re: Join-Iversary (How have you changed?)

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
I joined yesterday last year. At first, i was simply an annoying little prick who was only good for getting infractions, i wasnt planning to stay for long either, but then i discovered the travia section and decided to stay to play the awesome games with latio-nytrol and most duded, much has changed since then, but pe2k is still awesome.
Infractions expire btw, and all of yours have, so don't worry about getting banned or anything. XD

I hate my young self for the grammatical atrocities. I want to go back and time and punch my self in the face and say "LEARN GRAMMAR FOOL." Would probably go back and say to use my old account so it looked like I joined in 2007 and wasn't a noob. XD
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