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Default Re: Join-Iversary (How have you changed?)

I don't really remember anything from 2007 except how it was very active and I was a huuuuuge nooooob. Terrible grammar. Though my speling was a lot better than most people's at barely nine years old. I spelled all the Pokemon right when I opened trade threads. Of course there really was no trading because I never knew how. xD

I only found out about this forum from my brother when he used it, he's long gone now, and I had left too. I don't remember what brought me back, I may've suddenly remembered the forum or saw it in a Google search.

From my first account on, I came back and left again and came back off and on for a while, coming back in 2009 (still terrible at grammar). Then I started a new account about a week before HG, much better with grammar. 8D Then I went back to an old account from 2009 in 2011. THHHHHEEEEEEN I started a new account in 2011 as Shiny Eevee, which then became Shiny Jolteon, and finally, Typhlosion Explosion!

I really only made new accounts for name changes, because I never knew you could change them (and I was a nooby kid so there's an excuse). XD But I'm here now for good!

I'll also be a GMod in 2017. :3

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