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Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Michael Knight from District Two/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

The next morning came far too quickly for any tribute. It seemed far too soon for any of them to be standing on these pods watching the time tick away to their battle for survival in the frozen tundra that was the Alaskan wilderness setting for this year‘s arena.

Ichiru’s eyes found Ashley, Jeremy, Kiseki, Caroline and Michael instantly, all of them a few spaces apart. He noticed Ashley and Jeremy communicating with sign language, a skill that he really wished he had looked into further. He and Kiseki had both learned a bit of it back when they had lived together since they had had a deaf friend, but neither of them knew enough to carry out long conversations since they hadn‘t known that friend for long.

His gaze fell on the Cornucopia then, and he noticed the rack of throwing knives. With his newly discovered talent for them, it would be handy to have a few, if he could manage to get over there and survive.

A few platforms down, Kiseki also studied the Cornucopia. He appeared to fight better with his hands according to the training he had done the passed few weeks, so he would probably be best with small weapons like daggers or possibly even the throwing knives. He knew a weapon was high priority, but he felt that securing a backpack or two was more important, considering they contained food and other useful supplies that they would need in order to survive. He glanced at Michael, who most likely had a high chance of surviving due to the district he came from. He knew the blonde would most likely shoot for a sword, since he had revealed to him in their conversations away from the other tributes that he was a swordsman.

The last few seconds of the countdown ticked away until the gong finally sounded and every tribute shot toward the Cornucopia. Kiseki ran straight for a dark blue backpack that he had targeted since it was closet to him, grabbing it and strapping it to his back. He noticed Ichiru do the same with a black backpack a few meters away and considered making his way toward him, but was forced to roll out of the way instead when an unknown male tribute suddenly tried to attack him from the side. He kicked him away when he made another advancement, quickly rising from the snow and dashing toward the mouth of the Cornucopia to grab at least one weapon.

Somehow he sensed something wrong and quickly turned around to see another tribute just about to stab Caroline in the back.

“No!“ He grabbed a few throwing knives from the rack nearby and started to throw one, but before the knife could leave his fingers, an arrow suddenly struck the tribute in the neck. He followed Caroline’s gaze to Ashley, who was at least fifty feet away. The brunette had no doubt inherited her mother’s famous talent for archery.

"Get Kiseki and run!" He heard Jeremy yell just before the two of them disappeared into the woods. Kiseki quickly turned back toward the Cornucopia and grabbed a dagger lying near its mouth before running over to Caroline, who had retrieved the arrow from the fallen tribute’s neck.

“Come on, we have to get out of here!”

Caitlyn hadn’t moved much since they had been released aside from grabbing a backpack, remembering what Keiru had told her a few days before about staying put until he made his way to her. However, she knew she couldn’t stay completely still - especially without a weapon - because that would make her an easy target for the others. This thought urged her to move, but before she could, she noticed the female tributes from both Nine and Ten heading straight for her.

“Caitlyn!” Justin’s voice rang in her ears, but the figure that suddenly appeared seconds after and snapped the neck of the tribute from Ten wasn’t her partner at all.

"Come on!" Keiru was at her side before she fully registered what was going on, and went to grab her arm before he was suddenly pulled back. Caitlyn started to attack his captor, but Keiru threw the attacker, who was the girl from Nine, off of him and leaped for a sword that had been thrown to him by somehow she hadn’t seen, spinning around to face the other tribute with a smirk. "You should have stayed down."

“Hey!“ Just as he shoved the sword into the girl’s stomach after dodging a roundhouse kick, Caitlyn heard another call from her right, bringing her to look over to see Justin waving to her. He held up a bow he had retrieved from the Cornucopia and threw it in her direction before turning to fend off the tributes from Eleven, yelling a simple “You’re welcome!“ to her over his shoulder.

Caitlyn didn’t hesitate to grab the bow that was now lying in the snow near her, then turning around to see the female tribute from Nine’s disfigured body on the ground and Keiru running toward her with a bloodied sword. He grabbed her hand and ran away from the Cornucopia. Caitlyn glanced back at Justin, who had managed to kill the female tribute from Eleven, but was still fighting with the male. She had to admit that despite the distance that had seemingly grown between them, she was still worried for her partner. However, she had no time to dwell on this for long, for by the time the thought registered in her mind, she and Keiru had already run into the woods. They continued to run for what felt like several more minutes before finally stopping.

"You alright?" The brunette looked up to Keiru as she tried to catch her breath, offering a smile a few seconds later.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” She glanced over him as the smile faded away into a concerned expression of her own. “What about you? You didn’t get hurt during all of that, did you?”

When he was released from the platform, Michael made quick work of securing a sword from the Cornucopia, along with a random backpack he had grabbed while running toward the center. Kiseki’s yell had alerted him, but when he found the older tribute, he was with Caroline and appeared to be ready to leave. Michael was about to do so himself when he spotted Amelia staggering not too far away from his current position. When she collapsed into the snow, his survival instinct told him to leave her there and run, but Michael ignored it and instead did the opposite, clutching the sword tightly in his left hand and dashing toward the blonde.

A few feet away, Ichiru cursed under his breath as he looked at the motionless body of his partner in the snow, a dark red stain in the snow coming from her stomach. He had been feeling guilty about not including her in the alliance he had formed with the others and thought to bring her with him when he left the bloodbath, but when he had finally spotted her in the midst of all of the chaos, another tribute had already stabbed her with a sword. He gripped the knives in his right hand tightly as he finally raised his gaze to see Ashley and Jeremy fleeing into the woods. Kiseki was a few feet away with Caroline, and the two of them looked as though they were going to flee as well. He probably wouldn’t be able to make it back to the Cornucopia, so running into the woods was probably his best bet as well.

But wasn’t something off? He quickly scanned the area again, looking for a certain blonde haired tribute. He spotted him a few feet away in the opposite direction of Kiseki and Caroline, knelt down in the snow beside another tribute. He noticed the male tribute from District Six approaching from behind with a spear and quickly reacted by throwing one of the knives he had retrieved from the Cornucopia, embedding it in the tribute’s hand and forcing him to drop the spear as he clutched his hand in pain.

Michael heard the scream that came from the tribute and whipped his head around to look at him as Ichiru ran over to him and Amelia.

“Give me your sword, I’ll cover you!”

Michael didn’t hesitate, tossing Ichiru the sword he had brought with him, which the older teen used to block another attack from the tribute he had struck with the knife.

“Is she okay?” He glanced at Michael over his shoulder as he carefully lifted Amelia out of the bloodstained snow.

“She’s cut just above her stomach. It’s bleeding pretty badly.” The concern in Michael’s voice was clear when he responded, and Ichiru cursed under his breath, managing to slash the tribute from Six across the chest with his sword, leaving a deep wound. As he fell back into the snow, Ichiru quickly turned to face Michael.

“We can’t tend to the wound here, it’s too dangerous. We’ll have to make a run for the woods and do it there.” He said as the blonde carefully picked up the female tribute, after hooking a strap from one of the packs she had dropped around one of his arms, receiving a tense nod in response. Ichiru grabbed the other pack after putting away the throwing knives, pausing after a moment. “Where is your partner?”

“I found her dead near the Cornucopia.” Michael responded softly, which made Ichiru look down for a moment before looking back to Michael and nodding toward the woods. “Go on ahead. I’ll be right behind you.”

Michael nodded once again and took off toward the woods with Ichiru following right behind him. Once the two of them had fled deep enough into the woods, they stopped behind some bushes blanketed with snow like everything else, and Michael carefully put Amelia down.

“How are we supposed to stop the bleeding?”

Ichiru was silent for several moments as he thought, but just as he appeared to be about to say something, Michael suddenly packed some snow together tightly and lifted it off of the ground.

“Sorry, I know this will be cold.” He apologized to Amelia ahead of time before putting the snow over the wound and applying pressure. Ichiru knew from reading it himself before that ice was known to slow bleeding, which was probably the one thing that all of this snow was good for. As Michael continued to apply pressure in hopes of slowing the bleeding of Amelia’s wound, Ichiru quickly took off his backpack and began searching through it, pulling out a long cloth of some sort.

“Hey, we can use this to wrap it up.” Michael glanced back at him as he spoke, relieved to see the cloth he held in his hands. After a few more moments, he removed the snow from Amelia’s wound and took the cloth from Ichiru, who assumed the position of lookout while he wrapped the wound with it.

“We probably can’t stay here for long.” Ichiru spoke again as Michael finally relaxed, although it was clear that he was still worried about Amelia. “The other tributes will be retreating to the woods soon, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds us.”

“You’re right.” Michael responded with a nod as Ichiru gave him his sword back. “We can stay here for a little while longer so Amelia can rest and then move later on before dark.”
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