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Default Re: GLADIATOR [rp]

Name: Crimson
Link: Typhlosion

(OOC: I spent half an hour searching for a clip with Typhlosion, trying to find out what it says XD)
“So this is Nimbasa city” I said to Typhlosion, who sat next to me on the train, as we looked out the window. We could see the Ferris wheel glowing in the dark of night to our right, and to our left, a building surrounded by people. By the look of it there were three types of people. Uniformed guards, people with signs who I guessed were protestors, and people who reminded me of the fan girls at a One Direction concert. They were gonna be hard to get by.
The train pulled up at the station, and Typhlosion and I got off. As I walked out the gate, I noticed a man helping a young boy get his bag. After seeing the man and who I presumed was his son, it made me wonder where my father was. Now I regretted not seeing whether he was alright or not. Heck I was 13, and had been bashed by him all my life. I don’t know if he died in the fire, or if he survived, and where he is now. I would be naïve to say that what happened during my childhood wasn’t his fault, but I think if my mother had have lived, things would have ended up differently.
“Phlo?” Typhlosion said, noticing the blank look on my face.
“Sorry Ty, I was thinking about my father.” I explained.
“Ty…” Typhlosion growl, bearing his teeth and igniting flames on his back.
“I know he did some horrible things, but he is far away now, and we should move on,” I said, “heck, that is if he is even alive.”
“Phlo…” Typhlosion said, extinguishing the flames. He felt guilty about what happened.
“It’s not your fault Ty. You need to eat, and if you didn’t intervene, he might have killed me.” I said to Typhlosion, patting him on the head, “You gave me a chance to escape.”
Typhlosion began smiling again, then looked towards the crowd out the front of the Summit Game Centre. I noticed something I didn’t notice before. A news reporter. And there were probably more. Even though I told Typhlosion that we should move on, I still would rather not be found by my father, assuming he is alive. All he did was sit around the house all day, drinking and watching TV. He may not recognise me, he may not be watching the TV, or he might be dead. I still don’t want to take a risk.
“Electivire, come out.” I said, throwing a pokeball. The Pokeball hit the ground, and opened. A red light emerged, then morphed into the shape of electivire. It was a dark night, and the only light was those of the street lights.
“Electivire, take out the lights.” I said. Electivire nodded, and ran towards a nearby pole that held up the power lines. Electivire climbed about half way, then extended his tails, and used Thunderbolt. Electivire must have sensed the electrical path of the wires, and figured out which one was for the lights, because the rest of the buildings remained lit, but the streetlights overloaded and shattered.
“Electivire, return.” I said, pressing the button on the pokeball, then pocketing it. I slipped past the protestors, reporters and fans, and stood in front of the guard with my invitation. Using my Pokegear as a light, I held up the invitation.
“Hey, I’m Crimson, this is my invite.” I said. The guard stepped out of the way, and I walked through. The first room we walked into was empty, and had a sign that said ‘Arcade’. There were signs with arrows, pointing towards another room, so I followed them and walked into a full room.
In the corner was a boy with a Gallade near my age, talking with a girl a little bit younger. She looked pissed off at him about something, then looked surprised. The boy called his Gallade back into the pokeball, but the girl didn’t have a pokemon out.
In the center of the room was a man a little bit older than me with a Luxray. He wore an official looking badge, and seemed extremely excited. He must have just gotten the job.
Sitting on one of the seats on the edge of the room was an untidy looking man. Untidy was an understatement. He looked homeless. Next to him sat a Krookodile. The man was roughly the same age as the guy with the Luxray.
Next there was a guy who looked a bit younger than me, with a Blaziken. He looked like he was dressed for a personal training session, but hey, I am not one to judge, wearing a black hoodie underneath a grey trench coat.
The oldest person in the room was a woman who wasn’t too much older than the Luxray and Krookodile trainers. She had short brown hair which matched her short hair, and was playing with a Porygon-Z which floated nearby her.
Next was a girl who looked a little bit older than me, with a Jolteon. She had dark green eyes, and light coloured hair. I have to admit, she is hot.
I noticed next a girl with a Rotom, similar age to the girl with the Jolteon. She had dark hair, which contrasted with her pale skin.
The last person was also one of the oldest. He looked just under 6 foot, and had had a cocky looking smile on his face.
I thought about talking to the official looking guys, but judging by how everyone was scattered, I guessed we had some time to spare. That’s when the girl with the Jolteon crossed my mind again.
“Nothing wrong with introducing myself.” I thought to myself as I walked over. The girl didn’t notice me, until her Jolteon saw me and made a noise.
“Hey, I’m Crimson.” I said.


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