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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Not far off, Sy was wandering around this seemingly endless swamp making sqwelchy noises as his feet hit the soft and moist ground. The expression on his face was down right miserable. And to think that not long ago he was sitting at his favorite Oasis drawing pictures in the water and just having a good time, but apparently that Arcanine thought it would be hilarious to storm in and cause a massacre. The Riolu let out a mournful sob as he remembered his parents and older brother who he saw get killed before his eyes, but no tears came out. He figured he already cried them all out.

sy rubbed his left shoulder which was struck by a Pin Missile in his escape. He did his best to ignore the pain up until now but it was starting to get unbearable. Sy glanced at the green scarf his brother gave him just before he died and sighed.

Feeling exhausted, Sy sat down by a dead tree shivered from the cold. It was official, he now hated swamps. He hated being alone, and he hated that Arcanine for putting him in this seemingly hopeless situation.

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